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#NewRelease Book Boyfriends Cafe: SUMMER LOVIN' Multi-Author Boxed Set


14 Full-length Novels & Novellas
Available as a boxed set for a limited time - on sale now for only .99!
A savings of more than 75% if the books were purchased separately

Summer is heating up with 14 traditional romances from USA Today, national bestselling, and award-winning authors, brought to you by Book Boyfriends Cafe. Foreword by USA Today bestselling author, Leanne Banks.

Cora Rules by Mel Curtis, USA Today Bestselling Author. NBA coach Trent Parker is a stickler for the rules, until he meets Cora Rule, the biggest rulebreaker of the Rule clan.

Surrender to Love by Raine English, USA Today Bestselling Author. When Tara Spencer agrees to spend the summer caring for her ailing grandmother, she has no idea how her life will be changed by the handsome stranger next door.

The Merry-Go-Round by Author Donna Fasano, USA Today Bestselling Author. When Lauren divorces her husband, her life quickly turns into a 3-ring circus. Will she step off the merry-go-round--or reach out and grab the brass ring?

Twist of Fate by Patti Forsythe, USA Today Bestselling author. Rebecca Perris is on a dangerous quest to find her sister, but when she meets Aaron al-Rashid again, it’s her heart that’s at risk.

Her French Count by Mona Risk, USA Today Bestselling Author. A Da Vinci Code in a French Chateau. The lovely American architect has turned his life upside down, but are his chateau and a missing statue worth endangering her life?

Love Me Forever by Ari Thatcher, USA Today Bestselling Author. Escaping to Maui to get over her divorce, Jen runs into her first love, who blew her off at the end of her vacation. Matt had given up hope of ever finding her again. Can he convince her to give him a second chance?

Playing the Rookie by Rachelle Ayala, National Bestselling Author. A rookie pitcher and a sports intern on the rebound connect to get over their exes. Will their fling turn into true love or destroy both of their careers?

Duke of Devonwood by Carly Carson, National Bestselling Author Sparks fly as Miranda plots to gain control of her inheritance from a modern day Duke who tries his best to resist her wiles. Can both of them win?

True North by Kelly Collins, National Bestselling Author. Alexa leaves Los Angeles with a scarred heart, a beat up car and a secret. She’s fleeing her hopelessness to find her future. Can a sexy stranger mend her heart and be her compass?

Fashion Victim by Suz deMello, best-selling, award-winning author: Hot isn't a hot enough word to describe corporate raider Fletcher Wolf, but since he's suing couturier Cara Fletcher for, oh, a gazillion dollars, she figures she shouldn't hit on him…at least not too hard.

Season, Unforgettable by Keta Diablo, National Bestselling Author. He promised his mother he'd wrap up the Pine Bay project, and he would have if not for a nature lover who can't be bought at any price. Now he's fighting for the other side, fighting to recapture his abandoned dreams, and fighting to win her heart.

Most Likely to Turn up the Heat by Cheryl Harper. Sue Walker’s “no soldiers, no cops, no coworkers” policy doesn’t stand a chance against injured cop turned high school security guard Max Holt. His mission to return to Dallas and danger could be the deal breaker.

My Favorite What If by Lyssa Layne, National Bestselling Author. Jacob "Smitty" Smith and Sloan Talbott have both have been hurt. Neither is looking for love. Will one week in paradise be a fling to remember or could it possibly lead to something more?

Relay For Love by Susan Ann Wall, National Bestselling Author. A cancer survivor who celebrates in silence…a widow who remembers the man she lost…a fight back where two hearts battle to be together.


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#BookReview FLAMES OF LOVE by @Melissa_Foster #Remingtons Love in Bloom #romance

Flames of Love (Love in Bloom, #12; The Remingtons, #3)Flames of Love by Melissa Foster

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What's not to love about Cash Ryder, a legendary New York City firefighter? He's tough, gritty, and sooty, with an attitude as thick as his hamstrings. He's exactly the sort of guy supermodel Siena Remington needs. Someone who can call her on her antics but is romantic and attentive where it counts.

When Cash Ryder rescues an unprepared Siena one wintry day, he can't quite figure out how Siena makes him feel frustrated and flustered at the same time.

I loved Siena Remington because she is the best friend every girl wishes to have. Pretty, popular, but not a stuck up bone in her body, she cares about her family and the people in her life.

When Siena is faced with something skirting her ethics, she wrestles with the decision, but all along you knew she'd do the right thing. The cute way it came about was entertaining and made for a very sweet and romantic ending.

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#Alert Exciting Times coming in the #Remington World by Melissa Foster Love In Bloom Series

Exciting things are coming your way in the Remington World. We can't announce the exact time, but soon, very soon, Dex, Sage, Siena, Rush, Kurt, Jack and their forever lovers may be featured in all new and original stories [written by Kindle World authors] with new characters and friends.

So, get prepared! Pick up Game of Love, Stroke of Love, Flames of Love, Slope of Love, and Read, Write, Love and get up to speed on the Fabulous Remington Family of New York City.

Here's a teaser of things to come!

Friday, May 15, 2015

#BookReview GAME OF LOVE by @Melissa_Foster #Remingtons Love in Bloom series #romance

Game of Love (Love in Bloom, #10; The Remingtons, #1)Game of Love by Melissa Foster

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, gosh. I just love Dexy. He's a computer programmer and a game developer. He and his buddies know all about release cycles and quality assurance.

Anyway, Dex has always protected his heart because he's vulnerable and doesn't want to be hurt. Four years back, his very best friend in the world, Ellie Parker, disappeared right after he confessed his heartfelt love to her.

She is a former foster child and has problems with trust. But when she turns up in Dex's life right before a big software release, he removes all stops as far as trying to convince her to stay.

Dex and Ellie face their demons and touch each other's hearts. They are so sweet and you just want them to not hurt each other anymore. :) Fortunately, everything turns out great and we are introduced to the Remington family, twin sister Siena, brothers Sage, Kurt, Jack, and Rush.

A wonderful start to a great series.

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Free Romance Novella Writing Class - May 1 to June 15 #RomanceInAMonth #amwriting

Have you ever wanted to write faster but deeper? Write a quickie romance and finish it? Join a zany group of romance writers on a storytelling journey?

Hi, I'm author Rachelle Ayala, founder of the Romance In A Month method, and I'm here to invite you to our next writing adventure, coming up May 15 to June 15, where I will show you how to write a novella - with emphasis on romance - in a month. A novella is 20000 to 40000 words and the market for this story length is exploding due to Kindle, ereading, apps on cell phones and tablets, and our modern, multi-tasking existence where readers no longer have the leisure of lounging by the poolside and sinking into a four-hundred page tome.

A novella, especially a romantic one, has to be a complete story and deliver a satisfying reading experience despite being short. In this class, I will show you how to a) structure your novella, b) create characters with a targeted flaw and deep-seated desire, c) trim your subplots to point solely to the single theme, d) provide enough depth to your scenes to immerse the reader without extraneous detail and side trips, e) deliver the punch of a satisfying resolution without leaving your reader in a lurch.

Look for the lady with the green bird (me), and see you there!

Pick up the textbooks to bone up on how Romance In A Month works. The paperback is good for taking notes, but it is also available on Kindle, and Free on KindleUnlimited

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#BookReview FRIENDSHIP ON FIRE by Melissa Foster #romance #bradens

Friendship on Fire (Love in Bloom #6; The Bradens, #3)Friendship on Fire by Melissa Foster

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Josh Braden is my favorite Braden so far. I guess it's because of his inherent honesty and willingness to examine issues from every angle, even when his gut is against it. I also like that he is more intellectual and not as brash or gruff as the other Bradens. Josh considers what he says and how others feel, and sometimes it might make him seem passive, but he is no fool.

Riley and Josh's romance was fast and sweet, and I really enjoyed how honest they were to each other, even when the big bad stuff happened. This book was not suspenseful though, because everyone knows Claudia, nicknamed Cruella, was going to be the villain and accuse Riley of stealing designs. All along, I was aware that Riley had given some of her designs to Claudia's uncle before she even met Claudia. I also saw when Claudia was snooping at Riley's stuff, so there was no suspense there.

I wish there were more suspects, but it didn't look like Mia or even Simone or even K.T. would be used as red herrings. So really, it was a feel-good romance and a lot about friendship and family, as well as the setting in New York City being different from Weston, Colorado.

As usual, the Braden family pulls together. The villain is punished, and honesty is rewarded and we have another couple on their way to happily ever after, while the remaining "single" siblings envy the happily paired up ones.

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