Monday, October 17, 2011

Who's your Firstee? You know, your first one?

Who was the first person to finish your first work of fiction? Who patted you on the back and encouraged you when you thought to give up? Who helped you think through a gnarly plot hole? Or picked you up from a head-banging crit?

And who guards your characters and dares you to mess with them?

Your firstee, your first and foremost critter and defender, the one who believes in you.

Mine is Melisa Hamling--energetic, enthusiastic, endearing, and an awesome writer and friend. Her book is about a sensitive topic, but she pulls it off with charm, grit, and humor. I met her on Critique Circle. I got addicted to her story, Twenty Weeks, and in turn kept her out of bed with my fifty odd chapters and revisions. And when she got to the end, she gave me the most intense feeling of satisfaction and gratification this side of the keyboard. The thought that someone actually waded through my morass of prose is both humbling and stirring. She left this parting remark on the final chapter of Michal's Window.
I. AM. SPEECHLESS. There is a lump in my throat. My nose is runny and my eyes are wet. Absolutely, without a doubt, YOU MUST not CHANGE this last chapter! It's perfect....and beautiful! And I cried! And rejoiced as I read the Epilogue.
Melisa, I thank you. You are now part of my story. This book is yours as much as mine. Thank you for taking this journey with me and being my firstee.

So, who is your firstee? I'd like to hear. As for me, I'll keep critting, and someday I'll be someone's firstee.

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  1. *Blushing*
    Awe! Thank you. That means a lot to me :) It was a pleasure to read Michal's Window. If you don't remember, let me remind you. Who kept begging for more chapters? Me, me,me. He-he! That's because I was so absorbed by, not only your writing, but drawn into the novel.

    I had never read anything like Michal's Window. Something taken from biblical history and turned into the life of Michal in a fictional sense. And those special scenes,specifically by the brook, really created vivid images in my head. I could see, feel and taste what Michal did. That's hard to do, but you've pulled it off so well.

    Even those naughty little tid bits and flares of anger and jealousy, were written into my heart! It's hard to be drawn that tightly into the heart of the main character, but I found it came so easy in your Michal. You brought her to life and gave great details into her life. Even though it is a fictional account, it still has a true ring to it.

    Anywho. I could go on forever! Rachelle, there is no doubt in my mind that you are an icredible author. I'm no agent, but I think you have a literary novel here. I don't think I need to wish you success because I think you're already a hit ;>.

    Now hurry up! Get that editor in gear and get er published! I can't wait to tell everyone . . . well, I already do that, but I can't wait to tell them it's published!