Friday, December 9, 2011

PlotWriMo Road Bumps

Martha Alderson's PlotWriMo is a journey designed to wrestle those hastily created NaNoWriMo novels into shipshape. So why the sad face?

Ah... well... the exercises call for finding scenes and events to fit into the major plot points--all done from memory. And knowing me, it's not that I can't remember, it's that what I remember, I no longer like.

1) Set-up
2) Inciting Incident
3) End of Beginning
4) Halfway Point
5) Crisis
6) Climax
7) Resolution

I have two plot sequences so far. Dramatic Action and Romance. The Dramatic Action's #4 point has changed. I just made up a scene that does not exist in my draft to make my protagonist more heroic and less wimpy.

The Romance? The entire middle has been changed. #4, #5, and #6. The heroine no longer wimps out with a tell-all letter. Show, not tell, right?

Who knows? By the end of December, I might have an entirely new story at hand. And this, I surmise, is the whole point of taking a month off between rewrites.

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  1. Cool idea though, to approach it this way... I guess the theory being that the NaNo was a way to get the story down, like a big outline, and then you write it again from scratch using what was actually the heart of the story found along the way?

  2. NaNo is like free form, ultra creativity, write what you want no matter where it's going. Like Prototyping. Explore the concept.

    This is engineering design spec. Then we have coding (rewrite), unit testing (critiquing), and system test (editing). Oh, don't forget documentation (that is the tagline, blurb, and backcover summary).