Friday, December 2, 2011

Twenty Weeks by Melisa Hamling

Twenty WeeksTwenty Weeks by Melisa M Hamling
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Such a cute story, yet hard-hitting and poignant. I love it! From the very first line to the very last word, this book will enthrall you and drag you into today's teen reality. Maya and her boyfriend got more than they bargained by eating "candy" at a party. In a single moment, she is plunged from sweet sixteen to a series of heart-rending decisions and consequences.

The language is spot-on, and will have you laughing your head off one minute, and then screaming the next. You'll cheer, you'll worry, you'll cry, you'll rejoice. But one thing you won't do is put down this book.

Ms. Hamling delivers a tale that should be required reading in high schools. While spinning a romance, she manages to delve into controversial topics in a tasteful and convincing manner. She does not preach at you, but allows the reader to draw his/her own conclusions, whatever his/her viewpoint. You may not agree with everything every characters says or does, but she presents all sides fairly, even with the division between Maya's own parents. I cannot spoil it for you. But it will not be a book you'll soon forget.

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  1. You sparked my curiosity, Rachelle. I cannot help but wonder about those important decisions se had to make.


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