Wednesday, December 7, 2011 Word Count Art

Wordle: Michal's Window
Folks on Critique Circle are talking about a java applet that runs through your document and generates a Word Cloud, or visual representation of the most frequently use words. Try it at

I ran my draft of Michal's Window through the applet and found that "David" occurred most often. What's surprising is that "back" occurs so much. A quick scan showed I'm using "back" in many ways, "come back", "look back", "step back", the body part, visceral reactions, "back off", "back away", "held back", "turned back", "I'll be back", "back to bed", "when will he be back" and of course, Michal is on her back a lot, just kidding! Other common words are "face" and "eyes. "kissed" is the most commonly occurring verb, hmmmm....

Hit "Randomize" and the applet will generate different colors, fonts, and patterns.
Here's another one:


  1. Congrats on having the names as the biggest words :D I heard that's how it's supposed to be. I did one of those too, and your Huge David is my Huge Grace :D

  2. Ha, ha, but that huge "back"... um... I'll run my edited doc through it again and see how it compares.

    David is huge because most of my book is in first POV. If it were third, I suspect Michal would have been larger.

  3. Ah, my "back" is pretty large too. Versatile word, "back." You don't really think about it until you see it like this though. Thanks for the link. This is pretty cool. xD