Sunday, January 22, 2012

Eulogy's Secret by Grace Elliot

Eulogy's Secret (The Huntley Trilogy)Eulogy's Secret by Grace Elliot
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A delightful romance set in Regency England, Eulogy's Secret is alive with details and setting that take you back in time to a society ruled by class structure and nobility. Eulogy's innocence, charm, wit and determination make her the perfect woman to enthrall the independent, savvy, and suspicious Jack Huntley.

Recently bereaved of her adoptive parents, Eulogy Foster travels alone to London to seek her family. She is immediately placed in danger when her only brother refuses to acknowledge her. Her troubles spur the protective instinct of the handsome, debonair Jack Huntley, who takes an interest in her well-being.

The story, while being somewhat predictable, is charming and paced quickly, yet full of descriptive details and scintillating dialogue, especially between Eulogy and her two protectors, Mrs. Featherstone and Mr. Farrell.

Suffice it to say, good eventually overcomes evil, and the reader is rewarded with a happy, but somewhat poignant ending, with the villain getting his just desserts.

Disclosure: This review was part of the WoMen's Lit Cafe Review process. They require honesty. I received the e-book free as part of the program, and I do not know the author personally

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  1. I found your review via twitter.
    Thank you so much, Rachelle - so glad you enjoyed "Eulogy's Secret."
    Big smile.
    Grace x


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