Friday, February 24, 2012

Michal's Window is LIVE today!

Michal's Window is available at Amazon at this link.

Launch Promo! $50 Amazon Giftcard

Everyone who buys or downloads for FREE (yes, that's right, FREE promo TBA) in the next week can enter my $50 Amazon Giftcard giveaway. Send me e-mail in the "Contact Me" form on the right sidebar.

Giveaway ends Sunday, March 4th , 1:00 am Pacific Time


  • YOUR email address [so I can get back to you]
  • Subject field: Launch Giveaway [so I can easily find your e-mail]
  • Message field: Amazon Order # and the answer to this question found in the "Cast of Characters". Who is the first character named?

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  1. Hi Damiana, thanks for visiting my blog. I will update my progress on getting my MS printed on Createspace. I hope all of the formatting articles help, but they are somewhat disorganized right now.