Saturday, March 31, 2012

Get Voted Into a Tribe!

Are You in an Online Tribe?

If all you've heard about tribes was on the reality show Survivor, you're in for a big surprise with Instead of voting people off the island and whittling the tribe into an island of one, Triberr is all about connecting islands of people into communities of Biblical proportions.

Upon landing on you find yourself alone as Chief of a single starter tribe called "My Tribe." Much like Tom Hanks on Castaway, you yearn for companionship and wonder if talking to yourself and reblogging yourself will allow you to survive.

Immediately you begin looking for a tribe to join. Triberr provides you with a series of topics of which you may select one. Voila! You're on a tribe. You peek around and look for the Chief. "Oh, great Chief. I landed here but what do I do now?" Your tribemates are equally confounded. "I haven't even figured out how to enter my Twitter account." "Why am I not seeing anyone's streams?"

So you gather around the Bonfire and look for help. There's the FAQ, News, and of course Tribes looking for TribeMembers. So you click on a few, get invited and invite others. You may notice that it costs "Bones" to invite someone through the Bonfire. Not to worry. If you already know someone's Twitter ID, go back to your Home Page and click the Invite button and enter their ID directly. No bones, and a new TribeMember on your stream. Now you have tribe mates aplenty and content pouring into your stream. Do you just sit around the campfire and hold hands?

You can if you want, but the entire purpose of Triberr is to tweet your TribeMember's stream contents to your Twitter stream and extending the reach for everyone's blog entries to the anthill of followers every tribe member has. So go ahead, "Approve" and you will soon be tweeting away.

So, if you have a Tribe, please invite my Twitter ID @AyalaRachelle. If you would like to be in my Tribe "Indie Author Promo", send me your Twitter ID. Be seeing you around the Bonfire, and instead of being voted out, you will be voted in.

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  1. This is hilarious. If only I had more time, I'd check out your tribes. :)

  2. Thanks Michelle. I'm still trying to figure out what Bones and Karma are all about.