Saturday, March 24, 2012

Importing a CreateSpace Template

CreateSpace is Amazon's application to create print on demand books from your Manuscript. Templates are available for various physical sizes. Changing your Microsoft Word document to the proper CreateSpace format basically involves applying one of the CreateSpace templates.

The template comes with four pre-defined Paragraph Styles:
  1. CSP - Chapter Body Text: Garamond, Indent: First line: 0.2", Justified
    this is the default paragraph.
  2. CSP - Chapter Body Text - First Paragraph: Garamond, Indent:: First line: 0", Justified
    this is used for the leading paragraph of each chapter and section and does not have a first line indent.
  3. CSP - Chapter Title: Font: Myriad Pro, 14pt. All caps, Centered
    this style is based off Normal, but I changed it to base off Heading so I can automatically generate my Table of Contents
  4. CSP - Front Matter Body Text: Font: Garamond, Centered
And that is all.

The following instructions are for Word 2010. Take your existing Microsoft Word document and go to the File tab and choose "Options:
Select "Add-Ins":

Open up the dialogue and select "Template" at the bottom combo-box.
Click on the "Go..." button. It brings up this dialogue box. Click the "Attach..." button.:
Now go through your file system and find the CreateSpace template you downloaded:
Make sure to check the box "Automatically update document styles"
Go back to your document and you will see these new styles.

Now it's all a matter of selecting your text and changing it from "Normal" to the new style.

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