Friday, March 23, 2012

I've been Tagged by the Lucky 7 Meme

I was tagged by Angela Quarles, Chantel Rhondeau and Melinda Dozier this week to participate in the Lucky 7 meme.  Unlike other games, I thought this one might be fun, if only to find out what random passage of my current WIP would pop up.  Here are the rules:

  • Go to p. 77 of current WIP
  • go to line 7
  • copy down next 7 lines/sentences & post them as they’re written
  • Tag 7 other authors and let them know

Owen advanced and retreated, then advanced again, then threw up his hands. “You’re jeopardizing the case. Reporters probably have Greta’s penthouse staked.”
“I’m surprised they don’t have this place canvassed.” Dave pushed Owen out the door and locked it. He set the GPS on his cell and zoomed out the driveway.
[scene break]
Jen couldn’t sleep no matter how many relaxation exercises she tried. She sat on Greta’s white leather couch and meditated on nothingness. The intercom phone rang.
“You can’t come up here.” Greta’s voice screeched.

Hope you enjoyed this short excerpt from "Broken Build". More fireworks between Jen and Dave to come this Fall!

And if you think seven is lucky, eight is even luckier (Ask a Chinese realtor why). Now I'll tag eight cool and fantastic authors. You won't want to miss their Works in Progress! Visit their blogs and see what's upcoming!


  1. Fun sample! I thought it was a fun game too, as I would never have just picked mine to post...

  2. Nice snippet--just enough to whet people's appetite about what might be going on. :-)

  3. Great excerpt. I love that you made it eight.

  4. Thanks. You never know what you might come up with. And keep in mind, this the word doc page numbering with 8x11" single spacing.

  5. Very cool excerpt. The Lucky 7 meme has been a lot of fun to read on people's blogs. I've already been tagged and don't have any other WiP that are 77+ pages except the two I already mentioned on my blog here: