Saturday, March 31, 2012

Writer's Window Daily

Ever Wanted to Publish a Daily Newspaper? is a content curator service using Semantic Web technologies to allow users to collect content and publish an online newspaper.

This week I started "Writer's Window," a collection of articles that would educate, edify, and entertain writers and self published authors. I chose ten streams to collect information from, and every morning, at 8:00 am Pacific Time, the service collects articles from blogs and other online sources and puts together a my very own Daily Paper!

All you have to do to get this paper delivered to your inbox is to visit and subscribe. Me? I just hang out until after eight when the paper is generated, cull some content that is off topic or distracting, pin a few other articles I want to present and write an optional Editor's Note. No getting up at the break of dawn and dragging my little red wagon around the blog, tossing papers into the rosebushes, and dodging sprinklers and running from the neighbor's dog. A few tweets later to notify the contributors and I've got a cup of tea and my daily news to enjoy.

Wanna join me? Please subscribe here: and let me know if you, too, have a paper you want me to subscribe to. Be seeing you!

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