Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vision (Book 1 of Trilogy) by Beth Elisa Harris

Vision (Vision, #1)Vision by Beth Elisa Harris
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Layla is every bit a 21st century girl, or so she thought. Okay, so she gets these vivid nightmares, and excruciating headaches, and has some ability to read minds. But nothing out of the ordinary, right?

Layla receives a cryptic message and heads to England as an exchange student and immediately becomes the object of contention between two magnetic and handsome men. Her life as an exchange student, worried about labs and tests, quickly turns to the surreal when she visits a remote island off the coast of Scotland. An unseen enemy seeks her. Another entity guards her. Does Layla even know who she is or who she has been?

Beth Harris turns time-travel upside down. Instead of spiriting her feisty smart-mouthed 21st century heroine back in time to experience all the indignities of latrines, candlelight and fleas, she brings the past to the present, interweaving sinister plots with world events. In a book filled with magic, legend, intrigue, and betrayal, a thin thread of hope persists, that a love so rich will finally be fulfilled.

I only dream of a love so rich.

Harris, Beth Elisa (2011). Vision (Kindle Location 66). eInteractive Media. Kindle Edition.

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