Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dont' Read This Book - It's Junk! - Zero Star Review

Ahhh!!!! I'm about to take a swandive out Michal's Window!!! It's so-o horrible!!!

Ya know, this is the worst book every written. Michal's Window deserves to be dunked into a forty gallon tub of whiskey BBQ basting sauce and tossed out the window. The heroine(sic?) is a pathetic loser who thinks David is Justin Bieber preincarnated.

David, Grasshopper or Karate Kid, is so wimpy he can't shoot a free throw underhanded. Both of these utterly pathetic returds need to be recycled at the nearest green waste center and all e-copies of the book deleted immediately or risk disk-eating nuclear termination. Believe me, the princess bling only goes so far. She's a horrible kisser and David's fly's down [but don't tell him! hee, hee]

I'd give zero stars if I could. And, no, my name is not pronounced "Faulty", you idiots!!!!!
- Phalti the StudMuffin



  1. please don't tell me this was a real review????!!! oh wait-- *facepalm* -- just saw the label. Haha, you got me!!!

  2. That "Faulty", I shouldn't have given him Rizpah. Most authors killed him. Ungrateful wretch!