Saturday, July 7, 2012

Broken Build Beta Draft Ready and Author Interview Summary

After a marathon revision session and another round of proofreading, my second novel, Broken Build, is ready for beta readers. This is a romantic suspense thriller about software engineers. I'm hoping there is enough for everyone: lovey-dovey and melodramatic scenes for the romance reader, action and suspense for the thriller reader, a who-dunit for mystery readers, and a technical subplot involving server virtualization for the technical reader. Of course, who knows, maybe I've woven too many threads together, hopefully not deadlocked.

In June, I interviewed eleven fabulous authors. I had an informal contest that whoever had the most unique comments would win a prize. It was a close race between Christina McKnight and Dr. Molly Nyatanga. Christina had 13 unique visitor comments and Molly had 11. So Christina wins a paper copy of Michal's Window.
  1. Andrea Buginsky
  2. Mary Merrell
  3. Matt Patterson
  4. Christina McKnight
  5. J. P. Lane
  6. Maria Savva
  7. Cherie Reich
  8. P. C. Zick
  9. A. D. Trosper
  10. David Lawlor
  11. Dr. Molly Nyatanga

Thank you all for being on my blog. We had a lot of fun getting to know each other. You've also helped my Alexa ranking go to 636,824 worldwide and 82,732 in the US. Considering that I started somewhere in the millions, this is a great improvement.

For July, I have more great author interviews as well as a few bloggers who will tell us what makes them dedicate hours of their lives in creating book blogs and sharing reviews. I'm always willing to help you if you have a launch coming up, or want to do a guest post or interview. Please contact me with the Blue Contact button on the right and sign up for my newsletter with the Pink Mailing List button. Have a happy and healthy summer!


  1. Hi Rachelle. Congratulations on the completion of your beta draft! Sounds like a good read ;-)

  2. Hi Dariel, thanks. I'm looking forward to starting research on my next project. :)