Thursday, August 16, 2012

#BookChat The Mystery Box by Molly Nyatanga


After the loss of the key to the family secret treasures, family traditions withered and fell along the way, leaving cultural beliefs and practices to catch up. Finding no reason to hang on to an unpredictable future, nearly all family members moved on, in search of a better life. With the help of his Maker, one man clung to the tattered fabrics of his inheritance, hoping that a miracle would come his way, and find the lost valuable means to access the wealth. The unflinching hope kept him going, and he repeatedly told the story to his descendents. How long would he wait, and would it happen in his life time, he wondered. The Mystery Box dramatically takes the reader through all the events experienced by the Kwoyome family, in their attempt to reclaim their heritage and rewrite their history, and at the same time raising up their two orphaned grandchildren.  

Why I wrote the Mystery Box:

The Mystery Box is the first book in the Echoes of The Mystery Box series. It was passionately written in its simplest form with preteens in mind, for them to embrace positive values at an early stage. The core of the matter is family unit natured by sound relationships. Relationships are intricate, delicate and can come in many forms in a family set up. It is how we manage them, and how they mould our lives as we participate in such drama. My main concern is orphans, who have infiltrated urban areas of developing countries, and added to the growing street population. It frightens me when I think about this street generation in years to come. I used the Kwoyome family as one example of how orphans can be accommodated. In a loving, caring family, they simply fit in and grow up as normal children. Dramatically, The Kwoyome kids, under the custodian of their grandparents, greatly contributed in the reclaiming and rewriting of their family history.

To the Reader:

I am advocating that orphans need to be given a chance to live in a family set up, and in their communities to consolidate their cultural identity and heritage. Love and respect of one another, intertwined with whatever tangible material resources available, will keep families together.

People’s Views:

I had intentionally written the book for preteens, but it has turned out to be a family book. After reading my book some critiques still think that, no matter how you strive to help, a street population will always be there, even in developed countries. My response to them is that, if their vision is to leave the planet a better place than they found it, positive contribution is all I ask for. Combined effort makes a difference. Others were quite moved by how the whole family was dramatically involved in various adventures in a bid to find the hidden treasure. Many readers confessed it was difficult to leave the book and do other errands. Young readers enjoyed the drama displayed through out the book, and are constantly asking, “When are we getting Settle for nothing Less?”

The main character:

Mildew, the family dog is the main character. Where the family had misgivings, the dog took the lead.
“You are such a good boy, Mildew. You do the unexpected and you come out right all the time. What are you made of?” he spoke softly to the dog. (excerpt from The Mystery Box)

Where Thiam and Tamara wanted to cover up, he exposed them.   
Mildew shifted his eyes from the box to Thiam, from Thiam to Tamara, and then to grandfather.
  “Mildew seems to have a story to tell me,” remarked Mr Kwoyome. (excerpt from The Mystery Box)

Behind the scenes:

I removed the tragic death of Thiam and Tamara’s parents. I didn’t want the young readers to get shrouded in the gloomy veil of death when they were supposed to enjoy the drama, mystery and suspense displayed in the story.

The Mystery Box is available at Amazon.


  1. Thank you Rachelle for the book chat. I enjoyed it. You gave me the platform to talk about my work. I appreciate.

  2. Touching work, intriguing story, may the ink of your pen never run dry, may the source of your imagination continue to spur you on...