Sunday, August 19, 2012

#BookChat One Dance With A Stranger by Mary M. Forbes

Growing up on the streets of Toronto, Emily Van Sheldon has two priorities firmly in place.  She will have security and cleanliness in the new life she has created.  Any single memory of her childhood can keep the ice she has surrounded her heart with.  Now she has a high-paying job and a fiancée who offers her a neat, orderly life.  It is not important to love him.  Love is a fleeting emotion that only causes chaos and hurt. 

When she meets Wade Hart, her fiancée’s brother, she knows he can only offer her fleeting pleasure.  He is a handsome country singing Superstar and can have any woman he chooses at his beck and call.  That is until her tires of her.  What he offers would only lead to the sordidness and decadence she has worked so hard to forget.

When discretions from her past come to light, she is thrown into close proximity with Wade.  Are his charming ways and smooth words really the truth?  Her heart begs her to believe him.  But her cold, reasonable thoughts say otherwise.  Heart over mind or mind over heart – which will win? 

From the Author:
I love cowboys and everything country.  I also have always loved making up stories.  I have an optimistic  view on life.  It hasn't let me down and I have suffered many times,.  I want to show in all I write - life isn't all doom and gloom.  Some people say and believe happily ever after isn't reality.  I want to show people it is possible and it can be so.  Life to me is all about learning,lessons and laughter.  Even the worst disaster can have a positive side if you look. Ultimately I want to offer hope and happiness to my readers.  

What Others Think: One of the best is from Melisa Hamling (author of Twenty Weeks) - she said Wade is hotter than hot.  To me I doubt I can get a better compliment for a Romance Hero.  Short, simple and sweet.
Behind the Scenes: I had a difficult time with love/jealousy.  I am now thinking jealousy isn't love at all but a form of control (in my opinion).  So when I was developing Wade's character I needed him to be everything but jealous. When people wonder how I get my romantic hero's or even if I use my husband as my model - I often explain - I look at men I know and all their bad qualities I don't like and my hero doesn't have those.  (tongue in cheek). 
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  1. Hi Mary, thanks for your tips on writing Wade's character. I've written some pretty caustic heroes. But my upcoming one is a real sweetie. He's taking over my blog this Thursday. Of course every hero has issues or a flaw, some more than others.

    1. Thanks Rachelle. Yes - Wade has issues he must overcome I will watch for your hero on Thursday. I love a sweet hero. Thank you for this blog and all your help. You are sweet yourself.

    2. Awww Thanks Mary. I'm learning with this sweet business. But of course I don't want him to be too good to be true, as they tend to be in some romance novels.