Saturday, August 4, 2012

#BookChat Secrets: Portia's Story by Moody Holiday


Meet Dr. William Davidson...a prominent pediatrician, a beautiful daughter, an alcoholic wife. When Portia is born, she is healthy and robust. To Dr. Davidson's surprise, a frail and weak baby is also born. Obsessed with perfection, Dr. Davidson turns a blind's eye and allows someone else to raise his defective infant. In time there are three earth shattering secrets, a missing baby, a dead man in a hotel room and a false allegation of rape captured on video tape. When Portia is forced to do community service in a girl's group home, wealth and oppression collide in one climatic secret.

From the Author:
I wrote Secrets after my first novel Wild Innocence. Portia appeared in the first book as a nemesis to the main character Shanelle. Her sexual antics in the first book garnered so much attention readers immediately began to email me about a book starring Portia.

Reader's Reactions:
Carol from Texas writes: Moody! What a book! I can't believe how many twists and turns occurred in this story. You left no stone unturned. I can't wait to read the next book, you certainly know how to write a page turner. The best part of  this book was when William came clean with Justin. I could not believe how you had me fooled by that plot twist!

Behind the Scenes:
Even though this book was well received for its story line, I had a difficult time relating to Portia. I had intended on killing her but I knew it was an easy way out. I wanted to show how her relationship flourished between her daughter and husband.

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  1. I loved Portia, felt so sorry for her, and the twin sister she doesn't know she had. I'm glad you didn't kill her off. She's too damaged and full of drama to get rid of. You know who I wish ends up in jail? Killing off would be too good for him. Grrr...