Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Broken Build Beta Survey

Broken Build Beta Survey

1.      Cover – How does the cover make you feel?

What genre/type of story do you expect when viewing the cover?

2.      How accurate is the tagline:
“While eluding a killer, a young woman fears recognition from the man she wronged and falls in love with him.” (20 words)

3.      How avid of a mystery reader are you? Do you like a lot of twists and a puzzle that is hard to figure out, or do you prefer the author to let you (the reader) know what is going on, and only having the characters in the dark?

4.      Did you figure out who the daughter was? (when?) at least one of the villains (who and when?) Did you take notes while reading?

Did you look back for clues you might have missed and were you satisfied with the clues that had been placed?

5.      How hard of a mystery was this? Scale of 1-10. (10 – trickiest Agatha Christie, 1 – so lame you knew what was happening from the first chapter)

6.      How about the romance? What do you enjoy most in a romance?
a)      The struggle to fall in love and build trust
b)      The thrill of the chase
c)      The emotional tug of war
d)     Sex and steamy scenes

What did Broken Build provide in terms of Romance? [list all that applied to you]

What did you enjoy in the love story between Dave and Jen? What was the best scene?

Where did it fall flat?

7.      Technical bits. Are you an engineer?

If you’re an engineer, were the technical bits accurately portrayed? Did you enjoy the technical parts? Did you understand what Jen did just before the Black Friday upload?

Any technical corrections? Either in the build/release process or server virtualization?

Did you enjoy the interaction between the team members?

If you’re not an engineer, did you find the engineering subplot distracting?

Were you comfortable skipping or skimming the technical details knowing there wouldn’t be a clue in there for the mystery? Or did you worry that not understanding the technical pieces would have you miss a clue?

8.      Pacing. Were there places where you found the story slow? If you did not finish, where did you stop? How do you rate the pace [1-slow to 5-fast]. Was it too slow or too fast for you?

9.      Plot holes, huh? Dudh? Places that confused you?

10.  Lastly, did you like the story? [don’t worry about my feelings]

Did you like Jen? Dave? [seriously, be honest]

One word to characterize Jen:

One word to characterize Dave:

What would you say to Jen if she were your friend?

What would you say to Dave if he were your friend?

Were you happy with the outcome?

Would you feel comfortable writing a review on Amazon or GoodReads?

If you have a short sentence of praise and wish to share it with other readers please write up here, and I will put you in the “Praise” section:

Thanks so much! You are the BEST BETA TEAM. See you on a Google Hangout where we’ll debrief, chat and draw the winners for the e-reader and gift card.

Name you want to be known as in the Acknowledgments: 

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