Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meet #Sexy Sable from Dariel Raye's Dark Sentinels Series #CharacterInterview

Sable is a ultimate alpha, a shifter and a Sentinel, born to protect their pack. The life of a Sentinel is fraught with danger and often lonely, but Dariel has agreed to let Sable talk to us here at Rachelle's Window! Yay!

  Nice to meet you, Sable. Why do you think Dariel chose to write about you first in the “Dark Sentinels” series? Hadn’t really thought about that, but probably, knowing her, because I’m the calmest, most level-headed one in the bunch.

Interesting. How do you think you came to be so calm? Well, I didn’t say I was calm, but I’m the calmest. There’s a difference. It’s just my nature, I guess. I’m a Libra. That might have something to do with it  (grins and winks his left eye). Don’t want to misrepresent. A wolf is a wolf.

Sable, I’ve read some of “Dark Sentinels,” and I know you and Syreena lost your parents when you were just cubs. That had to be extremely hard. How did you manage? Well, day to day, it was hard. I had to learn to hunt and find shelter early. We were small, and I had my sister to protect.

The other adults didn’t help you? No. There’s kind of an unwritten law that Sentinels are born to protect – not to be protected, no matter how young we are. It’s the same reason none of the adults want to mate with us. They’re afraid their offspring will be sentinels, and that would mean facing danger and possible death all the time. It’s just second nature to us, though.

Well, I bet you have much better luck in your human form. Does it make you angry that your own pack would shun you? Not angry – just sad sometimes. On the other hand, if it hadn’t been for the stupidity of my native pack, I never would have met my Akila. (stands suddenly and begins looking at pictures and other objects)

Oh, I can tell you're really into Akila. Getting restless, huh? A bit (sheepish smile). Not used to being still long, especially not just talking about myself.

I understand. So, it’s not that you mind talking about Akila? What’s she doing today? Don’t know. Haven’t seen her. Guess that’s another reason I’m feeling a bit agitated.

Sit, sit. (pats the cushion) Come closer.... I don't bite.  Sure (glances at watch) Speaking of Akila, I need to...

Just a couple more questions, okay? No prob.

Can readers expect to learn more about you in other “Dark Sentinels” books? Yes. I can’t elaborate much or Dariel will be pissed with me, but yes. Book one was just an introduction.

That’s good. I look forward to getting to know you better in the series. So, what do you think made you care so much for Akila? Mmmm. Everything. She’s caring, honest, sexy as hell, passionate, and protective. I’d never had anyone besides my sister feel protective towards me. That’s a real turn-on.

So, you’re protector of your pack, right? Right. What kind of reaction do you expect from them about Akila? Ah! (exasperated sound) Not good. They wouldn’t want me around if I hadn’t spent my life keeping their sorry asses out of slings, so I’m pretty sure their reaction won’t be good. I don’t guess Dariel will mind me saying we’ll deal with that more in book two (stands, smiles, and extends his hand for me to shake it.) 

 Well, it's sure been nice having you, Sable. I know it's hard to keep a manly, alpha, studly, sexy, wolf man like you on a leash, so I'll... ah... just let go of my hand. Bye!

 Be sure to check out Dark Sentinel's Book Trailer here.

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  1. Intriguing character and, yeah, sexy.

  2. Thanks, Mary! He doesn't much like interviews, so I'm answering for him :-)