Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rachelle, Do you always write A**hole Males? #AuthorInterview

News Flash: Lucas Knight, from Rachelle's Work in Progress, is taking over Rachelle's blog today!!! Let's hope he doesn't change her password. Take it away, Lucas.

Lucas: So, Rachelle, you hip with me? I mean, I wanna know. Why do you always write A**hole males?

Rachelle: I wrote you, didn't I? You tellin' me you're a jerk?

Lucas: Ah... no, but my predecessors, let's see here, King David. Whoa! Cruel and insensitive. I'm just reading the reviews. Arrogant, callous and unloving.

Rachelle: That's hardly fair. The man was living in what, 1000 B. C.

Lucas: Right, and he gets multiple wives. Princesses, serving maids, you name it. I'll have to agree with the reviewers. How the heck do you make a polygamist a romantic hero? [scratches head]

Rachelle: Pretty simple. Michal loves him and that brings out the sweet side of him. Might have taken her entire lifetime, but winning over a difficult man like that? Many women couldn't rise to the challenge.

Lucas: Couldn't or wouldn't? Is that what she wanted, a challenge?

Rachelle: Perhaps, but she also knew David when he was a young serving boy, playing music to calm her father, so I suspect she saw the goodness in his heart. And of course, his love for God no doubt played a role in her admiring him.

Lucas: Didn't hurt that he was a hero who killed Goliath. But seriously, your next dude, Crazy Man?

Rachelle: Name's Dave Jewell and he's a CEO of a successful startup.

Lucas: Hmmm.... not sure I like him at all!

Rachelle: Dave's a special case. He suffered great trauma. It takes a special woman to break through and care about him.

Lucas: You mean a criminal?

Rachelle: Did you read the draft or not? Jen's not a criminal, geez. She just has a shady past to hide.

Lucas: Mmm... mmm... mmm... sure she does. Okay, not gonna give away the plot, but I heard some of your beta readers hated him.

Rachelle: Sure, a CEO has to make quick decisions and be in control.

Lucas [spits his coffee]: That man is about the most out of control character. What was he thinking?

Rachelle: Hey, you don't know him like I do. Any more questions?

Lucas: Well, let's see, there's your husband.

Rachelle: Excuse me? Why're you bringing him in?

Lucas: Just sayin'.

Rachelle: He's got a stressful job, okay? Not like you, high on endorphins all day long. So he gets a bit difficult.

Lucas: A bit? Wow, talk about denial. Tell me, why do you like difficult men, er I mean alpha males?

Rachelle: Nothing personal here, but you're too nice. And you know what that means? You'll be nice to other women too.

Lucas: Oh ho! I think we're getting somewhere. Some women like difficult men because they're insecure. They figure they're the only one who can put up with him, so no one else will try. Is that it?

Rachelle [squirms]: Being difficult isn't enough. He has to be powerful, unobtainable, strong, and decisive. You know, an alpha male.

Lucas: Code for jerk.

Rachelle: So, Lucas. Tell me why you think you're not an alpha.

Lucas: Cuz I'm a sweetheart and when I love a woman, I treat her like a princess. And you're wrong about me being nice to everyone. There's nice and there's NICE. But I ain't no doormat. You heard me tell Maryanne she couldn't ignore me and then act like I'm at her beck and call.

Rachelle: That's true. You have your principles.

Lucas: Exactly. And I think those unobtainable men are really insecure. They're playing the male equivalent of hard to get. Doesn't make me respect them.

Rachelle: I prefer to think of them as tortured souls.

Lucas: Hey, whatever floats your boat. Anyway, I'm strong and supportive, decisive and loving. I don't think these concepts are antithetical.

Rachelle: You're a smart man, Lucas. That's why I trust you with Maryanne Torres.

Lucas: Thank you, she's mighty special to me, too. You aren't going to show them my handsome face?

Rachelle: Here's how Maryanne describes you while watching you sleep:
Lucas’ face exhibited a day’s growth of beard. Interesting how his beard was reddish brown, but his hair curled dark brown. Eyebrows and eyelashes were thick and lush, also dark brown. His nose flared at just the right angle, and his lips combined a rakish upper curl with a luscious lower lip. The top part of his chest lay exposed, tempting her to touch.
Lucas: Why didn't she touch?

Rachelle: You'll have to ask her. Story's not finished yet, so no more sneaking peeks into her mind.

Lucas: Just be kind to her, will you?

Rachelle: Sure. I'll try. That's why I created you, Mr. Knight.

Title: Hidden Under Her Heart - coming 2013

Protags: Maryanne Torres & Lucas Knight

Logline:  Raped and pregnant, a young nurse seeks justice while holding onto a shameful secret.

Blurb: Maryanne Torres has sworn off sex. Intent on finding a marrying man, she joins a church youth group.

A party at her pastor's house turns into a drinking binge, and Maryanne is raped.

Lucas Knight's only concern was winning the Ironman Triathalon until the morning he finds Maryanne bloody and unconscious in the church parking lot. He becomes the prime suspect, even though Maryanne cannot identify her attacker.

Maryanne wants justice but the identity of her rapist is hidden in the baby she plans to abort.

A trap is set. Lucas races to clear his name and keep Maryanne's secret from drowning her and her baby.


  1. Sounds intriguing! You do enjoy a writing challenge, don't you :-) Enjoyed meeting Lucas!

    1. Dariel, thanks for the honest review on Michal's Window. :-) and yes, I do enjoy digging holes so deep I wonder how I'll ever get my characters out of them.

  2. Wow, you're so fast at writing new books! I wish I had more time to do it, but so far, it's editing for me.

    1. I've still got a long way of crit and editing to go. But I'm so excited about my sweet hero I had to share.

  3. This sounds like an extremely intense story! I'm glad Lucas is a stand-up guy and not a jerk like the Davids ;-)

    1. But... but... I love those David's. The are just so-o difficult. But when you dig to the core, they're really darling.

      Thanks Jennifer, it's going to take a lot of prayer and tears to pull of this story.

  4. OmG! Great character interview. I kinda like this guy...although I must be one of the few betas who likes Jewell as well :-) keep writing!

    1. Don't worry, I have a beta reader who loves Jewell so much she wants to marry him! And how many wished they were Jen trapped in that cabin in the snow with him? ;)

  5. Great post! In my opinion, the more of an a**hole, the better. But only in fiction!

    Keep writing, Rachelle! We're all waiting. :)

    1. Ha, ha, as long as they have good redeemable reasons. When I first met Hyde, I was ready to throw up. But then, poor guy has a heart of gold.

  6. Terrific post, Rachelle. Great way to intro your books and get us wanting (panting for?) more.

    1. Thanks Carol. I feel so disloyal to the David's. I wonder what Ittai has to say about all of this hoo-ha. See? He's a real gentleman. Lucas? Let's just say he has his trials ahead of him. Big time.

  7. Fantastic way to introduce this character, and without flaws (the bigger, the better) stories would have nowhere to go! And I love the idea of a woman strong and brave enough to take on such a difficult man. Will have to check out Michal's Window :)

    1. Thanks Cheyenne. Michal is a gutsy girl, that's for sure. :) Of course, being the daughter of Mad King Saul, she has to be pretty strong willed.

  8. Great character interview. Sounds like a terrific story. I'm a sucker for a strong male.

    1. Thanks Janna. Me too. I love all my male characters. :)

  9. OMG! This is totally genius! Not only have you introduced us to your newest male character, but syndicated him to tell us about your written males in published and upcoming work.

    I must say, I think Lucas is going to be a fantabulous character. A beta male ;). Is there such a thing as Alpha-Beta? 'Cause I think that would describe Cruz, don't you?

    Anywho! Character interview. I think I love it!


    1. Hey Besty! Cruz is definitely an Alpha-Beta. Can't wait for the full reveal.

      Yes, madam, Lucas is easy on the eyes, easy on the heart, and easy on the soul, and I'm gonna need him to pull me and my MC through this heart wrenching story.

  10. Lucas better watch what he says about CEO Dave Jewell. Not giving it away, but Dave plays a role in Lucas' career, if he can clear his name.