Saturday, September 22, 2012

#AuthorInterview B. David Warner #PoliticalThriller

Today, I'm happy to have author B. David Warner on Rachelle's Window. Mr. Warner has written a political thriller set quite appropriately for this election year, on a presidential election in 2016.

Rachelle: Tell us a little about your new mystery/thriller Freeze Frame 2016.

B. David: It’s set days before an upcoming presidential election. Ad exec Darcy James learns a dark secret behind Benjamin Aguirre, a third party candidate who’s ahead in the polls and a shoo-in to become our next president.

RA: It’s up to her to expose him?

BD: Yeah, as the only one who knows the secret, Darcy has to stop him; but she and her love-interest Sean Higgins are being pursued by the authorities for a murder they didn’t commit.

RA: What’s the secret behind the candidate?

BD: You’ll have to read Freeze Frame 2016. But I can tell you it includes drug cartels, international terrorism and politics, all set against the face-paced world of the automotive advertising industry.

RA: As they say, it sounds like it’s “ripped from the headlines of today’s newspapers.” How did you research it?

BD: Well, I’ve been involved in the advertising business for years, so it was easy to take readers behind the scenes to see what really goes on in those creative sessions.

RA: How about the cartels and terrorists?

BD: I have a friend, a former military officer who’s been involved in counter-terrorism for our country for years. He helped guide me in setting up the scenario.

RA: It sounds scary.

BD: It’s even more so when you know it’s based on what is really happening today. At least with the cartels and international terrorists being in bed with each other.

RA: Tell me about your central character, Darcy James.

BD: Darcy grew from a tall, gawky teenager into a lovely, confident 30-year-old woman. She discovered basketball, which she played at Michigan State, and became comfort with her height when she was voted onto the MSU Homecoming Court.

RA: And she’s a creative supervisor?

BD: That’s right. She had started as a young writer at Adams & Benson Advertising, and moved up quickly. She married, and then divorced a Detroit cop, and moved back to her hometown, Grand Rapids. Now, five years later, she comes back to A&B in a new role as creative supervisor on the American Vehicle Corporation account.

RA: I noticed in the first chapter that she’s pretty comfortable behind the wheel of a 700 horsepower sports car.

BD: Like all the creative people on the AVC car account, she was sent to the famous Skip Barber Racing School to learn more about the products she wrote about. She took the training more seriously than most, entering and winning often at the Gratten track just outside of Grand Rapids.

RA: How can my readers learn more?

BD: The first couple of chapters are on my web site:

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