Monday, September 3, 2012

#BookChat The Tangled Web by J. P. Lane

The Tangled Web by J.P. Lane

The Tangled Web is a story of passion, patriotism and political intrigue; of drug trafficking culminating in an assassination. The plot travels between London, Prague, New York and Cali, but the central location is a Caribbean island, which I’ve chosen to remain nameless.

“Still gazing out the window of his plane, Armstrong could see the island now, or rather he could sense it. Though lit by brilliant moonlight, only lights twinkling down the mountains to the harbor were visible from the air. It always amazed him how much subliminal energy this island had. He could almost hear it rising from the earth like the distant beat of rasta drums. It had been more than twenty years since it had been his permanent home, but now, as his plane prepared to land, he had that familiar feeling of coming home. It always felt good to be back, though this time would be different.”

From the Author
I’m always observant of the patterns of life –how all the dots connect and so it’s easy to see that The Tangled Web came about because of a call to an old friend I hadn’t spoken with in years - who just happened to have been the person who roped me into a career in advertising. At the time of the call, I was a retired copywriter, sworn off ever writing again. But when my friend suggested I write a novel, I had to pause and think. Knowing the path he had once persuaded me to take had led me to a lot more than becoming a writer, I had every reason to heed the signpost pointing to a new adventure. I’m glad I did.

What Readers are Saying
The heat of the tropics is not as intense as the heat from this fascinating novel reaching out beyond the pages it is written on to imprint in the reader's memory and heart.” Linda Nance
It was disturbing to read about the real life misery and fear that many of the poor have to endure on such a beautiful and idealic island, due to corruption at the highest levels of government.” Debra Wright
This is a work of fiction, but very relevant in today's society.” I. Entenza

Behind the Scenes with J.P.
There are a lot of books entitled The Tangled Web, as I discovered after I published mine. I don’t know why those other authors named their books The Tangled Web. I can only tell you my novel got its name because weaving that web was a dizzying task. I’ll share something I haven’t shared before - there was a lapse of about six months between when I completed the first draft and when I returned to it with a fresh eye. I trashed about half of it. There was a sub plot that served no purpose except to detract from the main story. Lauren was a huge struggle, but it seems the struggle paid off because readers like her a lot. Though I’m bemused by them thinking she’s the main character. I thought Logan was. But what do I know? I’m only the author. Once you write a book, it’s over to the reader.

J.P. Lane was born and raised in Jamaica. She’s lived in London, Southeast Asia, Puerto Rico, and Miami where she was an award-winning writer for The Miami Herald’s marketing team. Lane, who has been published in other leading Florida publications, now resides in rural north Florida

The Tangled Web is available on Amazon


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