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#AuthorInterview Cindy Roesel Viewer Discretion Advised

Hi Rachelle!  I am so excited to be here with you and your bloggers!  We are going to have so much fun!  VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED is a yummy mocha light frappucchino which is a perfect fun read for fall, so let’s get to it.

With that kind of yummy description, let's get to it. So tell us, what inspires your writing?
When asked what inspires my writing I’d say it comes down to the fact I consider myself a storyteller first.  I’ve been telling stories since I was a little girl.  As I got older, I became fascinated with the news and what was going on in everyone else’s lives.  That’s how I indirectly got into the television news business and why I’m still interested in eavesdropping on other people’s conversations and writing down snippets of gossip and pulling headlines out of the newspaper.  I’m basically a very nosey person. J I’ll pretty much ask anybody anything, in a nice way, of course.  I mean what’s the worst thing they can say?  “It’s none of your business.”  That’s fine and trust me I’ve had plenty of people say that and worse to me throughout my career.  But I must have done something right.  I won an Emmy award working in the television news business.

Ha, ha, I love how nosiness and eavesdropping contribute to being a newshound. Congratulations on your Emmy award. What is your favorite thing about being an author?
There are so many wonderful aspects about being an author.  The greatest part is getting to meet new people.  VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED is my debut novel and I’m humbled by the fact that it has been published.  It is the little baby that I worked on and put all my time and effort into for years and amazingly it came together.   I carry around the first proof copy of VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED and never let it out of my sight.

Ah... must be like a baby for you. What is the toughest part of being an author?
It’s an honor to write.   But if I had to say there is a difficult part, it’s getting me to sit in the chair and focus on writing.  I love it once I’m in the chair and it’s hard to get me out once I’m in, but sometimes it’s nearly impossible for me to focus on one thing.  For instance, take this questionnaire.  I had to start working on it in advance or I may not have ever finished it.  I had several to do, including essays, along with my regular projects.  I’m not complaining, because that’s what we writers do, we write, but this writer, me, has a short attention span.  There’s Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads, ChickLitCentral, my blog, writing reviews and oh yeah, writing my next project!   So, sometimes doing the very thing I love is a challenge.

You and me both. My attention span jumps around like a squirrel in a nut farm. If you could not be author, what would you do/be?
If I could be anything other than an author is an interesting question.  The only other career I have had is in the broadcast industry, although I did take off several years during college to pursue a singing career in New York City.  I guess if I wasn’t working on my writing career, I’d take another shot at becoming a Broadway Star!   Actually, that sounds like a better storyline for a future novel, then reality at this stage of my life, don’t you think?  I certainly do.  I think I’m going to stick to making up stories, but thanks for asking.

You can be a Broadway star in your imagination. Sounds good to me. What would the story of your life be entitled?
I Get Knocked Down and I get Up Again
Or    I Will Survive (complete with Gloria Gaynor soundtrack)
Neither one of these will be written for MANY years, thank you very much!

I do remember Gloria Gaynor. Glad to know you're a survivor and you never quit. What is your favorite book of all time?
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
I will always remember being introduced to this brilliant author and piece of literature in 9th grade English class.  Each student read a few paragraphs followed by the next.  Some of my classmates wanted to sink and disappear into their desks, but not me, I wanted to read the entire book aloud, until my teacher interrupted and said, “Cindy, let someone else read.”  It was wonderful.  I can still visualize the class room, the old tattered novels and the smell of chalk.  I just loved experiencing Miss Havisham, Pip, Estella and all the characters coming to life.

I used to read all those thick classics when I was in high school. Loved them. Which character from your book is you most like?
If I had to pick any character in my novel that I’m like, I’d have to say I’m most similar to the main character, Charley.  We are alike, but at the same time, very different.  We are both loyal to our boss, we back our staff and enjoy plain M&Ms, but she does some things that I wouldn’t dream of doing, including risk a very important relationship.  I’m very upset by how dismissive she is of her love interest, but you’ll have to read VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED to find out how that gets resolved.

Okay, sounds good to me. It is on my "want-to-read" list. What is your favorite season?
My favorite season of the year is spring.  My birthday is April 20th and I just love the whole idea of rebirth.  I love how the flowers, trees and the overall landscape come out of hibernation.  I enjoy how we start cleaning out our closets and begin freshening up our homes.  I also love tulips and daffodils.  It’s an exciting time of renewal.  I must say, I am enjoying the arrival of fall here in Miami.  The chill is a welcomed change.

Tell me something funny that happened while on a book tour or while promoting your book.
This happened when VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED was first published and I will never forget it.  I was in a bookstore when they sold my first copy.  You might say I even helped sell it.  A woman was looking at the new fiction and I picked up my novel and said, “Why not try this book by a new local writer, in fact she’s here?”  And I turned it to the back where my photo was.  “I’ll even sign it for you.”  I smiled, chuckled and walked away.  A few minutes later, she came over to me with her family and a copy of my book saying she wanted to purchase it and that she also wanted to take a photograph with me.  I was so excited.  I signed the book and put the photo on my Facebook page.   That was a wonderful experience that will stay with me forever.

No kidding! That must have been the coolest thing. Are you working on something new?
I’m working on several something news.  I’ve been asked repeatedly if and when the sequel is coming out and I believe VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED does have the potential for one.  I’ve been working out ideas on story boards and every day here in Miami I’m blessed with enough craziness, so I don’t even have to make anything up.  But maybe Charley, Lefton and Oz need to be left alone.   I’d like to ask you a favor.  Would your bloggers read VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED and leave a message on your blog or my website, and tell us what they think about a possible sequel?  That would be so awesome.

Okay, sounds like a great plan. Anything you want to say to followers of this blog or those that are just stopping by?
To follow up on what I was saying, we authors love to hear from our readers.  Like when I said I’d love to hear from you, that your opinions would affect whether or not there’s a sequel, I’m not kidding.  All authors rely on our readers.  You guys are very important to us.  Any and all email you send to us is taken very seriously and we love to receive it.  Writing is a very private experience.  Going on book and blog tours and social media is the only time we connect with you, our readers, so it’s very important.  Feel free to contact me any time about any subject.

Rachelle, I want to thank you and your bloggers for inviting me on your blog.  VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED is my first novel and I know you get a lot of first time authors asking you to promote their books.  I’m incredibly grateful you took time to showcase mine!  It’s really a lot of fun! I hope you and your bloggers get a chance to check out VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.  Happy Fall!  There are lots of celebrations coming up!
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