Tuesday, October 2, 2012

#AuthorInterview Shane Etter #supernatural #thriller

Welcome, Shane, to Rachelle's Window.

Where did you grow up and was reading and writing a part of your life? Who were your earliest influences and why?

I grew up in Jackson, MS.  I read a lot as a child.  The first books I remember making an impression on me were Lord of the Flies by William Golding and a book of Sherlock Holmes short stories.

Why do you write ?
I started writing to improve my brain after a stroke. Now I write because it consumes me.

A stroke? Kudos to you on your recovery.
I was the least creative man in the world before my stroke, but during one of rounds of brain healing I became creative literally overnight.

What is your novel BOTTOM DWELLERS about?
BD is a love story written inside a supernatural thriller. While scuba diving in Lake Lanier, one of the deepest lakes in the U.S., in north Georgia, Patrick Dylan encounters a race of green mutants who have been living there for over 50 years. He also meets the love of his life, Trudy Dylan, a U.S. Park Service Ranger.

Who is Patrick Dylan? Who is Trudy Price?
Patrick Dylan is a successful IT professional who becomes an adventurer whose life is changed as he battles the Lake Lanier denizens who as he later will find out are just a small part of a worldwide group of mutants.

Where did the inspiration come from for BOTTOM DWELLERS ? How much research went into writing BOTTOM DWELLERS ?
About 10 years ago I read in the AJC Newspaper that there were still houses on the bottom of the lake and the idea grew from that fact. I did a great deal of research on the construction of Lake Lanier by the Corps of Engineers and spent time interviewing members of the U.S. Park Service that run the lake.

Describe your title BOTTOM DWELLERS as it relates to the plot?
I just thought Dwellers was a clever word and it will now be in the title of all future books in the series.

If Hollywood called and asked you to cast BOTTOM DWELLERS - Who would you cast and why?
Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, as Patrick Dylan because Patrick is tall and there aren’t that many tall actors in Hollywood. Angelina Jolie as Trudy because of her beauty, height, and intelligence.

What are readers saying about BOTTOM DWELLERS ?

1. "Reminiscent of stories like Deliverance and Them this is an imaginative murder-mystery with the focus on good and evil in all forms of society."

2. "Shane has crafted a great first book! He has written a fast paced story that allows you to suspend disbelief and enjoy the story! I look forward to his next book!"

3. "While it was a most incredible premise, "Bottom Dwellers" sucked me right in, making the unbelievable, well, believable. Shane Etter used his personal knowledge of place and personal experiences to craft a fun, fast-reading novel that I didn't want to put down. He crafts a beautiful love story and manages to get in plenty of action and adventure as well. I enjoyed reading it and thought about it long after I finished the book. I can't wait to see what he writes next."

What do you hope to achieve with BOTTOM DWELLERS ?
I hope to create a series of books similar to and in the vein of F. Paul Wilson’s Repairman Jack series.

That is impressive. What was the last book you read?
Eureka, by my mentor, Jedwin Smith’s mentor, the late, great, William Diehl, author of novels turned movies, Primal Fear and Sharkey’s Machine.

What's next?
Mind Dwellers with Patrick and Trudy battling a new mutant threat in Georgia and New York City.

Sounds interesting! Well thanks for being on my blog. Bottom Dwellers can be purchased at Amazon.

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  1. Great interview, Rachelle and Shane! "Bottom Dwellers will find a home on my kindle soon as I can download it. "Lord of the Flies" is one of my favorite classics, too :-)

  2. Shane...What a fine interview! Sci-Fi people will be drawn to your story because of it. I'm glad there will be a series--I love to pick up a book where I don't have to be reintroduced to all the characters. With so many lakes in the country, you've got a wide range of possibilities with your "fishy" people.