Wednesday, October 3, 2012

#BookChat A Child Lost in Flight by Mohan K. #memoir

A Child Lost in Flight is a first person account of a father coming to grips with the sudden death of his child on an international flight. The story is about his tragedy and the author’s experiences in recovering and moving on. It weaves together inspiration and a practical approach to managing crisis and life changing events. It is ultimately about human triumph over tragedy.

From the Author
My intent in writing the book was because I found it cathartic to write about it. The book is also intended to demonstrate how my wife and I moved forward after a personal tragedy, perhaps an inspiration for others undergoing life crisis.

My challenge has been in trying to get mainstream media/bloggers interested in reviewing the book. I was planning to attempt it again after it gets some reviews from bloggers and on Amazon.

Reader's reactions
Luanne Stevenson blogs
“It is unimaginable to comprehend a parent’s pain after losing a child. The struggle to move on may feel impossible, like mountain climbing in flip-flops. But Mohan K’s story reminds the reader that it is possible to move through unimaginable grief and when you reach the summit, you may be scraped and bruised from the climb, but the view from the top will take your breath away. Mohan K’s story is inspiring.”

Susan Bailey blogs
A short narrative of 57 pages, A Child Lost in Flight moves with urgency causing this normally ponderous reader to fly through the pages, anxious to find out what happened to this family. The author’s simple, transparent prose disappeared behind the quick flow of the story.

There is much wisdom in A Child Lost in Flight that can apply just as easily to people of faith as to people with little or no faith. Little Aditya will never be forgotten but his memory can serve as a reminder and a guide to this couple of life, death and renewal: the most basic, and most profound of mysteries.

Mohan, as a parent who has lost a child I can totally empathize with the tragedy that happened to you. You are indeed brave and inspiring to write about such a painful subject. I do look forward to reading your memoir. Thanks for sharing it with us. -Rachelle

Mohan K. is an Indian-American technologist based in North Carolina. This memoir is based on his experiences. You can find out more about Mohan at his blog:
A Child Lost in Flight is available at Amazon.

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