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#BookChat Always & Forever by Chantel Rhondeau

Lilly Price is a former socialite, running from a horrible past.  When a man broke into her house and attacked her one night, her fianc√© went missing, presumed dead.  Suspicion turned to Lilly when the police discovered her motive for murder, that Charles had been physically abusing her. With the assumption that she hired a hit man to rid herself of Charles, Lilly spent two months in jail awaiting trial. The circumstantial evidence against her was too shaky for a conviction, so Lilly fled her former high-society life to settle in a small lakeside community, hoping to rebuild her life in anonymity.

Zach Woodbridge had problems of his own, widowed three years earlier after an unhappy five-year marriage.  When Zach’s family insisted he start dating again, he came up with a plan to hire Lilly, a pretend girlfriend for the summer.  All he wants is to write his novel in peace, but his mother’s likely to drive him mad if he doesn’t appear to be making an effort at love.  It doesn’t take Zach long to realize spending time with Lilly only on family outings will not be enough for him.
When Lilly notices a car following her and then receives a threatening phone call, the couple wonders whether Charles died at all...and what lengths he will go to in an effort to get Lilly back.

Words from the author:
Although a big talking point of my book it the fact that Lilly is a woman healing from a domestic violence situation, the most important part of my book (and what made me want to write it) is the relationship between Zach and Lilly.  Zach is a sweet, compassionate man who is just the right person to show Lilly what love is really about.  At the same time, Lilly is the perfect counterpart to prove to Zach that trust and honesty aren’t as black and white as he thought they were.

Reader Reactions:
“Captivating, exciting, suspenseful and hot are just a few words I can safely use to describe this book. Chantel Rhondeau had me enthralled from the very first pages, and I found it extremely difficult to put this one down.

Domestic abuse has always been a touchy subject for me, and I am so glad Chantel depicted it so very well.”

“Throughout the book, I wasn't sure who to trust. There are some sinister characters who make for some chilling reading. If you're currently being stalked, you may want to give this a miss as the tension in those scenes would be unbearable for anyone in that situation.”

“The love story between Lily and Zach was great. Lots of sizzle and romance with the perfect amount of passion. This story has it all and will keep you happily engrossed from the beginning to the end. I highly recommend this book!”

Behind the Scenes:
Shortly after publishing Always & Forever, Anora McGaha contacted me (editor of the online magazine Women Writers, Women Books) through Twitter. They were posting articles through the month of October to raise awareness about Domestic Violence and asked me to write one explaining why I chose to write about an abused woman and what reader reactions have been. I submitted When Love Twists To Abuse and it posted October 24th. It was sad but also heartening to read the stories of the other women at the magazine (most of whom have overcome being abused). It was also an opportunity to try something different (as I'd never written a magazine article before or even really considered it) and I appreciated being included in their efforts to raise awareness.

Readers can find out more about Chantel at her Amazon Author Page

Always & Forever is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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  1. Sooo...I have this book in my tbr mountain. This post makes me even more excited to read it. Thanks Rachelle and Chantel!