Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Reviewer is In Progress Report

Where did October go? By all standards, it was a great month for Michal's Window and Broken Build. Total sales for Michal's Window was 2358 (Amazon and Barnes & Noble) and 908 for Broken Build. [Broken Build also had 16571 free downloads in October].

But the best news is that I completed the first draft for my next novel, Hidden Under Her Heart. It was an awesomely emotional journey for me. Maryanne and Lucas are two misfits, but what a dynamic pair. Unlike Broken Build, this story is focused more on character emotional development. It starts like a typical romance with a touch of humor, but takes a turn to the dark side when events spin out of control. Maryanne's flaws are directly responsible for the calamities she suffers. I did not sugarcoat this character, but tried to make her as realistic as any modern, educated woman would be. The cover shows a woman hiding her face and signifies the theme that hidden wounds will never heal.

How did I do with Book Reviews I promised? Last time I featured five books on my "to review" list but I've only reviewed one,
Roll The Dice (Vegas Series)Roll The Dice by Mimi Barbour

I'm about 60% of the way through with
Scent of Triumph: A NovelScent of Triumph: A Novel by Jan Moran

It is a fascinating account of a strong heroine pulling herself from the wreck and ruin of World War II to provide for what is left of her family.

I also reviewed the following books I hadn't planned on reading.

The following books from last report stay on my list, and I'll admit that I'm still reading Diana Gabaldon's Voyager.

Through These VeinsThrough These Veins by Anne Marie Ruff

Hyde, an Urban FantasyHyde, an Urban Fantasy by Lauren Stewart

Dancing Naked in DixieDancing Naked in Dixie by Lauren Clark

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