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A Surprise Visitor - Hidden Under Her Heart (A Story of Abortion and Courage) Chapter 2 - Scene 1

Lucas parked his Subaru Outback at the trail head and pulled his mountain bike from the rack. Road training was nice, but nothing developed his reflexes better than mountain biking. He flexed the wrist he broke a year ago. It had cost him a spot on the 2012 Olympic Triathlon team.
His training partner, Zach, strapped on his helmet and tapped his bike handles. “So what’s up with you and the hot nurse?”
Lucas tightened his helmet. “She likes me.”
He wasn’t about to admit to screwing up with the mouth-to-mouth prank. After all, he was making progress, and she did kiss him back, a little.
“You get laid?” Zach took a swig from his water bottle.
“Nope. She’s not that type.”
“Hang with me and I’ll show you the Zach attack. Women don’t stand a chance.” Zach hopped on his bicycle and barreled down a dirt path into the preserve.
Lucas clenched his handlebars and skidded across a bed of pine needles. Maryanne was so pretty and smart, and challenging. He’d stop by the clinic and soften her up with more flowers. Besides, he was tired of superficial relationships with women who wanted him to gratify their physical desires and didn’t care if he’d had a bad day.
The sun peeked from the tops of the coniferous trees, casting shadows among the rocks and curves. Zach was several yards ahead of him, whooping and hollering like a wild man, barely avoiding a spill on a hairpin.
The Bluetooth earpiece paired with Lucas’ cell phone rang. He answered it. “Yeah?”
“Hey, bro.” It was Sandra, his twenty-two year old sister. “Where are you?”
“What do you mean, where am I? I’m in California.”
“Well, Ma’s saying you think you’re too good to call.”
“I’ve been busy.” He skidded and put a leg down to dodge a fallen log. Zach disappeared around a switchback. Lucas pumped hard up a steep incline and rounded a bend near a clearing. The unbroken view of the tree tops and clear blue sky never failed to take his breath away, not to mention the hard exercise.
“You didn’t pick me up at the airport so I had to take a cab.”
“Cab? What are you talking about?” Don’t tell me she’s here.
“I’m at your apartment with the manager. He won’t let me in unless he speaks to you.”
His breath swished between his teeth. It was typical of his family to spring surprises on him. “How long are you staying?”
“Until I find a job.”
Zach gestured at the sky, and Lucas braked to join him. Hawks flew circled lazily over the ridge.
“Who’s on the phone?” Zach asked.
Lucas covered the mouthpiece. “My sister’s at my apartment.”
Zach grimaced. “Too bad. You still hitting on that nurse?”
Lucas waved him off and spoke into the phone. “Put him on.”
The apartment manager came on and Lucas gave his permission. The phone must have been handed back to Sandra because he heard her thank the manager and shut the door.
“Listen, I have rules,” Lucas said.
“Rules smules. This place’s a mess. How’ll you ever get a girlfriend into this pig sty?”
Lucas removed his helmet and wiped his forehead. “Rule number one. No alcohol. I don’t care if you’re over twenty-one. No drinking, no smoking, no drugs. And rule number two, no overnight friends, men or women.”
“You didn’t even make your bed. Is that a woman’s thong?”
“Stay out of my room! That’s the other thing, you get the couch.” Lucas rubbed the back of his sore neck.
“Wow, you’re a real gentleman. I’m calling Ma to let her know I arrived safely, no thanks to you.”
“You could have at least called ahead.”
“Ma don’t call no one. You want to talk to her, you call.” She hung up.

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