Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#BookChat LOVE COMES LATER by Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar #womensfiction

Love Comes Later tells the story of Abdulla’s arranged marriage to his cousin Hind. Neither is excited about the prospect—Abdulla because he is still recovering from the untimely death of his former wife and unborn child; Hind because she is a thoroughly modern girl who does not appreciate the prospect of being anyone’s second option. The novel is an exploration between loyalty to one's self, friends, and of course, family/society. Sangita, Hind's roommate in graduate school is the third in this modern day love triangle. 

From the Author: 
In conversations with people in Qatar, expat or Qatari, sooner or later the subject of love inevitably came up. For women, the main issue involved the small pool of people they felt they had to choose from. My surprise and revelation came however, when my male friends expressed similar sentiments. We often think men have all the power in male dominated societies but from these discussions I began to realize how society limits both male and female aspirations with universal social expectations like marriage. The story began to form there: what would make a man unlikely to marry? And why? What would he do in order to keep his freedom? 

Reader's Reactions:

'Rajakumar lifts the veil on multicultural romance' -- Kate Lord Brown, author of The Beauty Chorus

Love Comes Later is about love, choices, culture, bigotry, family, tradition, religion, honesty, forgiveness and friendship, to name just a few. ---Diana Manos

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Behind the Scenes:
This has been the work of three years of writing and seven years of living in a culture that is not my own -- but one that feels familiar all the same.

I know many readers may not know where Qatar is or have the opportunity to experience and observe everything I have which is my gift to them through fiction.

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