Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mama Don't Preach - Hidden Under Her Heart (A Story of Abortion and Courage) Chapter 2 - Scene 2

Lucas hefted his mountain bike up the outside stairway to the landing of his second story apartment. The odor of fried bacon wafted through the open window. He turned the key in his lock and opened the door. Sandra stood in front of the stove with a phone pressed to her ear.
Lucas walked into the kitchen and turned on the vent. “You know this stuff is unhealthy?”
Sandra clapped her hand on the phone. “Ma’s on the line. You wanna talk to her?”
“In a minute. Let me get cleaned up first.”
“Nuh uh! You don’t have a minute.” She slapped the phone into Lucas’ palm.
He walked to the bedroom and shut the door. No sense having Sandra smirk at him getting reamed.
“Why haven’t you called? You think you’re too good?” His mother’s voice, slightly slurred, screamed through the line.
“I’ve been getting into my new job and seeing the doctor. And I did call, but Dad said you were taking a beauty rest.” Which meant she was too drunk or hung-over to talk.
“You could have picked up Sandra at the airport. What is this, leaving your baby sister to take a cab?”
“Baby? She’s a college grad.”
“She’s still a young lady. You know I don’t agree with this triathlon crap. When are you going to finish law school?”
“Ma, please. I want to make a name for myself.”
“You had your chance, and you didn’t make the Olympic team.”
“I have another shot in three years.” He clenched his fist. His family always thought they knew what was best for his life. Even California was not far enough from their meddling and negative attitude.
“Have you found a good church yet?” Ma’s voice was strident. “There’s one in Oakland, Morning Star Baptist Church, King James only.”
“I haven’t had time to look.”
“No time to look? Boy, you need to get with your own kind. You’re not dating white girls are you?”
“No, Ma. Not dating anyone.”
“What are you, a homo?”
“Don’t Ma me. You get your black ass to a black church. I called the pastor already, he’s gonna visit.”
Lucas threw a pillow across the room. It landed on the thong his triathlete club mates hung around his head at last Saturday’s initiation ride. “I gotta take a shower, just got back from a workout. Then I have to get my allergy shots before work.”
“Just don’t come home with no Chinese girl. I don’t want no squinty-eyed grandkids.”
“Bye, Ma.” Lucas closed the phone. Ma was into her mid-day aperitif already.

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