Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hot Prospect? - Hidden Under Her Heart (A Story of Abortion and Courage) Chapter 4 - Scene 2

Maryanne walked into the clinic Friday morning. There was a box of chocolates at her workstation. She opened the notecard.
I feel so happy when you’re around. I’m glad we can be friends, Lucas
A smiley face followed his signature. She caressed his signature and sighed.
“Are you nuts?” Vera slapped her purse on Maryanne’s desk. “I set you up with the hottest guy in the valley and you’re camping with funny man?”
Maryanne opened the box. “Here, have one.”
“No, thank you. Listen to me. Ryan likes you. He’s the pastor’s son. Blond, blue-eyed, six foot four. We met him at the spaghetti outreach a few months ago. Remember?”
Of course she did. He was drop-dead gorgeous. Maryanne popped a white chocolate truffle in her mouth. “I thought he had a girlfriend.”
 “Had is the operative word. She broke it off, and he’s finally open to dating again. I told him you’re meeting him after the game.”
Maryanne smoothed the foil into a crinkly square. “I already promised Lucas.”
“Oh, come on! Ryan wins hands down.” Vera picked out a chocolate cherry. “Call Lucas and cancel.”
“I don’t want to hurt his feelings.” Maryanne didn’t want to be anyone’s rebound, least of all a preacher boy’s extracurricular project. She looked out the window and logged onto her workstation. “Dr. Lee’s walking up the path. Talk to you later.”
“You just want to win the bet.” Vera threw a wad of wrapping paper at her. “You’ll never get laid with Lucas. He’s probably a repressed virgin.”
“Then it’s stalemate with you and your church boys.” Maryanne opened a patient’s chart as Dr. Lee stepped into the clinic.

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