Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sunset Kiss - Hidden Under Her Heart (A Story of Abortion and Courage) Chapter 5 - Scene 1

It was late afternoon when Lucas and Maryanne returned from the hike. He unpacked the car and set up a tent in an remote location far from the parking lot. Overnight parking and camping were not allowed, but Lucas knew of a spot hidden behind a cove of rocks where nobody would look.
 He returned from moving his car and found Maryanne sitting on a sand dune. The sun was slowly making its descent. She looked like a goddess, her hair highlighted around her glowing face. She waved with both arms and beckoned him to her side.
He raised his camera and shouted over the roaring surf. “Can I take pictures of you?”
“Sure. Should I go in the water?”
Lucas rolled his head back and laughed. “The water’s freezing cold. This isn’t the Caribbean.”
“I wore a bikini for nothing?” She untied her hair and let it fly in the wind.
Maryanne had a bikini under her clothes? Lucas swallowed, and his blood pulsed thinking about it. He snapped a couple of pictures of her. “You don’t have to go into the water to model it for me.”
Pushing the sunglasses over her head, she approached in a slow, slinky model’s walk. His imagination stripped her naked, and he wanted to pull her onto the sand. He needed a distraction.
“Oh, look, sun’s going down.” He turned the camera toward the cascade of colors. Orange, purple, crimson and blue. The tides rushed over the rocks, creating lacy sprays of mist.
Maryanne calmly peeled the camera from his hands and slipped it into the front pocket of her hoodie. “Enough pictures. Get in the position.”
“Position?” He let his arms drop to his side.
“For sunset watching. We can’t stare at the sun and damage our eyes.” She nudged him down to a flat rocky ledge and climbed into his lap. “Much better. Me in your arms, not the camera.”
“You’re staring at me, not the sunset.”
She stroked his jaw. “Don’t worry. I can see the colors out the side of my eye, like a painted background, but I want to be ready, right when the sun dips into the sea.”
Lucas shifted his weight, hoping she wouldn’t notice how much she affected him. Her lips hovered near him and the scent of her perfume invited him to close the gap. This wasn’t fair, the way she teased. He peeked at the horizon.
The slanted rays reflected off the wispy clouds, and the sky glowed bright orange over the murky grey and blue ocean. The golden cone of the sun, the salty sea scent, the relentless crash of the surf over the rocks, and the soft, satiny woman in his arms caught his heartbeat and stole his breath.
The sun winked into the ocean, and Maryanne’s lips crested over his. He opened his mouth and closed his eyes, allowing billows of warmth to drown him in the essence of Maryanne Torres.

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