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#BookChat Grace, Miracles, and Chocolate by Marriot Cole #inspirational

Marriott Cole knows that sometimes it is difficult to trust God, especially during the most challenging moments. In her memoir, Grace, Miracles, and Chocolate, Cole chronicles a life with more than its share of difficulties while demonstrating how she overcame tragedy through the miracle of prayer, laughter, and the grace of God's love.

Marriott, why did you write this book?

Many people have told me, "You oughta write a book!" So I did. I would love to see people encouraged and rejuvenated in their faith and come to a personal relationship with Jesus. I would also like to see people be able to overcome their difficulties through ideas garnered from this book.

What do readers say about it?
"Grace, Miracles and Chocolate will inspire and challenge readers along with their chuckles and tears for her and her family. Be prepared for a well-written story that will leave its impact on your heart".  Geni White, book reviewer

"Even though this is not a small book I read it in one sitting. I just couldn't put it down. It's an easy and fast read producing much laughter, joy, awe and encouragement. It's a must read for anyone who needs a touch from God. Love never fails." Ann Davis

"I just finished your book and found it to be a powerful portrayal of God's love and miracle workings." Gene Olson, author The Boy From Bothell

"Grace, Miracles, and Chocolate is not only entertaining but very inspiring. So many examples of answered prayer show the power of trusting God in childlike faith even in difficult trials and impossible circumstances. I couldn't wait to read each chapter to see God at work once again!" Lolly Grunska, BS, University of Wisconsin, Bible teacher

"Grace, Miracles and Chocolates is absolutely a wonderful, truly inspiring book. Because of who God is, and because of His desperate love for us, He is able to make good come out of the most ugly circumstances. People going through difficult times will receive incredible inspiration; it is encouraging to know others have walked through challenges and come out stronger because of them. I highly recommend this book for all those who have not yet experienced loss as well, so that they will be better prepared when those times come. They will learn to face their tragedy, get through it, and even find something redeeming in their pain."
Ricky Lee Jackson, MD, Ashbrook Medical, Ashbrook Aesthetics, Vancouver, WA 

"I really enjoyed this book. It is written in a very entertaining and engaging manner, with something for everyone. There are so many inspiring events and people in her book, it is hard to choose which part I loved the best. I picked up the book and could not put it down until it was finished. If you are going through trials in your life, read this book and know that God will see you through!" Vanessa A.

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and all the true life stories it contained. Once I began reading it, I could not put the book down. It helped to put my life trials into perspective. It is a great read." Sheri Kirby, Bridge Teacher

"Each chapter could easily have been a story told to a friend. Her writing style is effortless, her candor refreshing. As I read this book I laughed, chuckled--under my breath at times and out loud at others-- sniffled, gasped and cried." Amy McGuire, author, The Heart's Discovery

"Marriott has had unbelievable life experiences! She always found answers by turning to God in prayer. It was one miracle after another that took her through the tough times." Kirby Brumfield, retired weatherman, KATU-TV, ABC, Portland, Oregon

"Captivating! Miraculous! Unbelievable! But true! Marriott's story is a must for anyone going through a tragedy of any kind! Her love for God shines through nearly every page!!!" Dotti McGuinness, Future Executive Senior Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

"Grace, Miracles, and Chocolate is a moving and emotional story of anguish and redemption. It stands as a poignant reminder to each of us that God, in fact, calls us to suffering and that we are all changed by these most distressful circumstances in our lives. You will be changed by your suffering. You will be changed by reading this book." Matt Patterson, author, My Emily

"An inspiring story. Meaningful from beginning to end. Couldn't put it down!" Bruce Huffman, YouTube Sensation "The Happy Huffmans"

Anything interesting happen while writing this book?
My new husband, Darrell, whisked me off to McMinnville right after we were married. He encouraged me to finish my book by being my chief cook and bottle washer. I had lots of blocks of time wherein I could type away and after five months of steady work, and four months of editing, it was finished.

Marriott Cole is a remedial reading specialist who currently lives in Vancouver, Washington with her husband and two cats. Besides her husband, her hobbies include spending time with her six living children and ten grandchildren, Bible study, friends, and bridge.

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