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#BookChat Through the Crimson Mirror by Daniel Alexander #children #parenting

Computers have very quickly integrated themselves into our lives. We all know that we have to update the software now and again to make sure it runs optimally. When the latest anti-virus comes out, we rush off to the shops to buy it to make sure our computers stay clean. But, do we do the same with our minds? Do we ever take the time to clean out our mind and our beliefs? What my book is about, is our beliefs concerning our children: the most precious beings in the world to us.

My book is very uniquely positioned as it’s written from the perspective of a child. Communication is supposed to be a two-way-street, but for a long time society adopted the attitude of “children are to be seen and not heard” and we’re seeing the repercussions of that now. More and more people are turning to drugs and alcohol, there are more teenage pregnancies, depression and suicide are becoming bigger and bigger problems, and the list goes on. There are similar root causes for many of these problems, which can be addressed as children are growing up.

So my book is all about me and all the lessons I wish I had learned while growing up. It is unique in that it’s written from a child’s point of view and not parents. What sets it apart from other books in similar categories is that it’s both a story (autobiography) and a parenting /self-help book, so it’s easy to read and you can learn something from it.

From the Author:
I didn’t have a great childhood and I see so many more children going through similar things. I give parenting talks now and did many interviews for my book, so I interact in those communities (children, educators, psychologists, addiction centres) a lot and I see problems. I see the people. I see what they are going through.
For people struggling with something I want them to feel like they are not alone. Most of my fans and the people that correspond with me via mail can relate to something in my book. For parents, I want them to see and understand a different perspective. Many professionals (for lack of a better word) say our minds are our most important tool. We have done so much research in that area, but don’t seem to be implementing it in our daily lives. I want to help make those changes.

Readers' Reactions:
A little bit of everything: shock, admiration, sympathy, fear. A psychologist described my book as, “dark, but real and practical.” I got a similar comment from a radio DJ in one of the interviews I did. He also runs a drug rehab clinic, so also sees the problems first hand.

“Neither took Daniel Dinnie his chance to sack his parents or despise his upbringing altogether. At 28 Dinnie is mature enough to mix his life experiences, marketing diploma and skills to write a trilogy about parenting without showing a wise guy image.” That’s a comment from an Amazon user.

One of my first reviewers said, “The writer doesn’t claim to be an expert, but merely an observer. The book lets you think independently, while guiding your intellect down a lot of probable paths.” She also said, “However, I am not a parent. Actually, I’m barely an adult by legal standards. And so to read this book was a fascinating exercise.”

Another comment from a reviewer, “Daniel, I commend your courage and empathize strongly with your parents who you acknowledge did the best with the tools they had. I look forward to the release of the next 2 books in this series. I am proud to have met you.”

Behind the Scenes:
Behind the scenes, I’m now a regular radio personality and give talks on parenting. I often visit rehab centres, children’s homes, charity organizations and similar groups to continue my learning. Life is about learning and people, not material objects.

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