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#BookReview HAWK'S GIFT by Mary M. Forbes #romance #lovestory

Hawk's GiftHawk's Gift by Mary M. Forbes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can't get over the love story. So intense and all consuming. Roberta and Damien come from opposing worlds. She's a wealthy daughter of a prominent Canadian politician and newspaper owner. He's a half-breed orphan, Metis, mixed-blood castoff from society.

Roberta lived a privileged life until the day she is trapped in a brothel being auctioned off. She went there to interview the madam, but was captured and offered for sale. Something about her triggered Damien's sense of chivalry and he rescues her. From that moment on, their mutual obsession coupled with deep seated cultural misunderstanding tortures them from rapturous passion to agonizing and excruciating separation.

Both strong willed and determined, neither Roberta nor Damien can compromise their ideal of true love and trust. Even as lust draws them together, unrequited love and misunderstood betrayal thrust them apart. This tug of war lasts through the historical events around the disposition of Native populations by the Canadian government. Ms. Forbes' detailed research and mesmerizing descriptions pulled me into the environment of the western territories and the lives of the Native Americans on the run from the government and later on in the reservation.

But despite the historical backdrop, this is an intense love story, a roller coaster of love, hate, lust, distrust and hope. This will definitely be a story I'll remember and want to re-read again.

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  1. Well, Mary has sucked me in to her historical romance Alberta Wild Rose and Paradise on the Horizon. Historicals are NOT my thing. Not until Mary introduced me to her wonderful creations I mentioned. And it all stemmed from my love for her One Dance with a Stranger, nonhistorical romance. It was that darn hottttt cowboy that had me slobbering!

    I'm in need of a great romance novel. So. Here I come, Hawk's Gift ;b

    1. No kidding! I'm still thinking about Roberta and Damien.


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