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Greetings! I’ve been extremely fortunate and have been asked to a guest blog post for these early days of February, so if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to tell you a bit myself, my work, and a few of my books that I’m going to be giving away.

I first started writing when I was in second or third grade. Originally I would copy, word for word, books like Encyclopedia Brown and The Great Brain into a notebook. Even at that young age though, I yearned for something more, something darker. The long rows of Stephen King books upon my mom’s bookshelf were a constant temptation, with their strange and foreboding covers. In many cases, the very thickness of the books were almost as much of a temptation. I would sit and look at the cover of King’s collection of short stories, The Night Shift, for what seemed like days at a remember it. The one with the hand, partially wrapped in gauze and covered in eyeballs? That cover stuck in my little eight year old brain like a fish hook, and finally I stole it off the shelf and read it. There were a lot of things in it I didn’t understand, but I had a dictionary for the long words and a boy next door, twelve or thirteen, that could explain the meaning of things about which I instinctively knew not to ask my parents. One of the first (mostly) original stories I ever wrote was kind of a Stephen King take on the encyclopedia Brown books I had loved fiercely, though soon grew bored of. In it, Encyclopedia gets tired of the bullying of Bugs Meany and tricks him into falling down a well. Being that Encyclopedia was the smartest kid in town, he easily got away with the crime.

Now, none of the books I’m giving away this week are strictly Stephen King, but I’d say they are closer to that than they are Encyclopedia Brown. Mostly they are somewhere in the Literary genre, one that borders Literary and Crime. Though not of the super natural variety, there are elements of horror in each; the horrors of cancer, of meth, of murder for hire; all the horrors man visits upon himself and his neighbor, and the horrors that come, unbidden and out of nowhere, in the form of a small cluster of rotten cells. These, to me, have always been the true elements of terror. I’ve written of demons and monsters and things that go bump in the night, but it is people and the things they do as monsters that truly fascinate me.

The following three novels will be free from February 9th to the 13th, leading up to the release of my newest novel, Cookie Cutter Man, on the 14th. I hope you read them, and I hope you enjoy them.

Much thanks to Rachelle for the opportunity, and the space!

After years of estrangement, Cody reunites with the violent, alcoholic tyrant of his childhood when his father, Avery, is diagnosed with terminal cancer and requires live-in care. Tethered to the old man by guilt and duty, Cody becomes desperate for a different life. Avery suffers a near-fatal heart attack, and both realize they’ve been given a second chance at being a family. In order to reconcile, they must work through the years of pain Avery inflicted upon his son, including the drunken accident that left Cody without a mother.

Cody meets Perla, and the different life he dreamed of begins taking shape. However, when he brings her home to meet his father, Avery snaps, insulting and degrading the woman Cody has fallen in love with. Ready to leave his father behind for good until he hears the shocking reasons for Avery’s behavior, Cody learns he and Perla share a much darker connection. Avery’s cancer spreads and, fueled by the regret he lives with for everything he never told his mother, Cody works desperately to make amends. Things get better, but as always, it is only for a while...

 A group of friends struggle with meth addiction, surrounded by the heartbroken and the paranoid, the sociopaths and the police. Jim and Cherry are looking for happiness, and Tattoo Nik is on the hunt for the next big score. Two Step just wants to keep the party going and Soup is slowly getting lost.

Trouble with the law and a city-wide meth shortage push them to the edge, and some are pushed over it, leaving the others to pick up the pieces as best they can.

As a crime-syndicate triggerman, John exists amongst the very worst humanity has to offer: pimps, pushers, prostitutes, killers, and addicts of every kind, himself the lowest among them. After years of unquestioning obedience, he at last finds a line he won’t cross. With the fate of an innocent in his hands, John struggles to find what separates beasts from men and the carefully constructed wall he has built inside himself begins to crumble.

Don't forget to DOWNLOAD Elias Anderson's novels free Feb 9-13 from Amazon and watch for the release of his newest work, Cookie Cutter Man, on Valentine's Day, February 14th.

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