Saturday, February 16, 2013

She'll Go Anywhere - Hidden Under Her Heart (A Story of Abortion & Courage) Chapter 7 - Scene 1

Maryanne admired Lucas’ glass heart. The red and purple swirled in wisps and combined with white to create a kaleidoscope of colors. How did he know not to pressure her for sex? It wasn’t like she wanted to win the bet as much as to regain her self-esteem. The last breakup over vomiting in a car had shown her how little she’d been valued.
Lucas packed the tent and slammed the tailgate of his Outback. He started the car and lowered the windows. “I love the ocean breeze, don’t you?”
“I love everything about this trip. I’m glad I came.” Maryanne settled back in the bucket seat.
They drove into town and pulled into a gas station. While Lucas pumped gas, Maryanne tucked her glass heart in the glove compartment and copied his address from the registration tag to her phone. She’d wrap her pumpkin and deliver it with a tin of cookies. She flipped down the vanity mirror. No makeup and her hair resembled a tangle of seagrass, but she couldn’t stop smiling. She was in a relationship with the perfect man. Fun, lovable, and exciting.
If he made the Olympic team, she’d get to travel with him to Rio and cheer him on. Suddenly she wished she didn’t have an electric car with its limited range of sixty miles. She wanted to be his support team, drive his gear and his bike, and be the first to hug him when he crossed the finish line. Being a nurse could be handy too. She’d have an EpiPen ready and save his life if he ever got stung by a bee.
Lucas closed the gas tank lid and stepped into the car. “How’s my best girl?”
She kissed him. It was so easy now. “I’m so happy.”
“You doing anything the rest of the day?”
“What do you have in mind?”
“You know Zach, my training partner? We’re going for a run this afternoon, and after that I was going to a church picnic with the young adult fellowship.”
“You go to church?” She’d been avoiding church functions since Vera dragged her to one a few months ago. Too many plastic looking people with that Christian gleam. Perfect lives and perfect teeth.
He started the engine and pulled out of the station. “Would you like to come with me? You don’t have to, if it’s not your thing.”
“I’d love to.” With Lucas, she’d go anywhere.

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Genre: Women's Fiction, Contemporary Romance

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