Thursday, March 21, 2013

#AuthorInterview Gaelen VanDenbergh author of Running Against Traffic #womensfiction

1)  Where do you originally come from ?  Where do you live now ?  What is your writing background ?

I am originally from the Philadelphia area. I went to boarding school in Maine, college in Boston, NYC, then back to Philadelphia, where I have been ever since. I have been writing since I could hold a pencil. Creative writing major in College, I have been working on novels over the years, but haven’t finished anything until now. Like Mitt Romney has binders full of women, I have binders full of unfinished novels.

2)  Can you tell us about the first time you remember writing and was there someone who influenced it ?

When I was a young child I wrote a series of “books” about a turtle named Tommy. My grandfather, who spent a good deal of time tapping away on a typewriter, took my handwritten stories and typed them all up for me, making them look very official and I was very proud. So, he certainly instilled in me the desire to be published. I also read constantly, and too many writers to count or name inspired me along the way.
3)  What made you write a contemporary fiction ?  Since your lead protagonist is a female does she have any of your personality traits ?

I have always been an avid reader of “real”. I love nothing more than to read about, experience, be a fly on the wall of people’s lives, learn their stories, their conflicts, their growth, their mistakes. It has always fascinated me. So, that’s what I write about.

This particular novel is very close to my heart because I do share quite a bit now and in my past with Paige, and Bryce as well. Not their family background, though. My family is very supportive and involved with me. But struggles, mistakes, heartaches, and personality traits, yes. I think Paige and I both tend to struggle with how to live our lives well, how to experience joy, how to not to trip over our lives. And we both depend on running for emotional well being.
4)  What do you enjoy the most about writing a novel ?  The least ?

Ooph, well, as I said before, I have about five novels in the works right now. They grow more and more unwieldy as more time and writing go by and I don’t do the dirty work, which is organizing it all and molding it into a cohesive body of work that can be edited. That part is my least favorite. I like to watch my novels grow, as if I’m watching a movie play out in my head, as I happily write scene after scene and fall in love with my characters. That is my favorite part, especially when they go and do something I wasn’t expecting.

5)      What is in your short term future plans ?  Long term future plans ?
As far as writing goes? Short term, finish this novel’s sequel, Running in Circles, by August. Long term, finish all of my other novels.

Gaelen's debut novel, Running Against Traffic, is available from Amazon. Please visit her at her website:

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