Monday, March 11, 2013

#BookChat CIA FALL GUY by Phyllis Zimbler Miller #thriller

Short synopsis:

For fans of the romantic suspense spy stories by Helen MacInnes and Dorothy Gilman --
When Beth Parsons is summoned to CIA headquarters for the bogus purpose of identifying someone from her past, she realizes she must find out what is really going on. Forced to partner with the man who may have been responsible for her husband's death, she has to unmask the real traitors or end up as the fall guy.

After the CIA driver who brought her to D.C. is shot and killed, Beth escapes her CIA "babysitter" and sets off to discover why she is suddenly once again in the world of spies and double agents.

Her quest takes her to Europe and then back to the U.S., and pairs her with a mysterious man who may or may not be on her side.

From the author:
The basis of the story is an actual event that took place in May of 1972 – the bombing of the U.S. Army’s Frankfurt Officers Club. My husband and I were stationed in Munich from September 1970 to May 1972.  He was an officer with the 18th Military Intelligence Battalion, and I eventually got a security clearance and worked as a civilian for the 66th Military Intelligence Group.

At the end of our time in Munich we took the train up to Frankfurt and went directly to the charter flight that returned us to the U.S.  The next day I read on the front page of The Wall Street Journal about the bombing a few hours after our plane left.

In addition, while getting my M.B.A. at The Wharton School, I applied to the CIA.  When I got the call for a two-day interview, it was at a time in my life when I had to pass on the opportunity. I wrote my fictional character getting to visit CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia – something I never got to do.

Review snippets:
From author Bonnie B. Latino on Amazon: “For this reader, having a strong female protagonist like Beth Parsons and good plot twists are pluses in any genre. CIA FALL GUY does not disappoint in either aspect.”

From author Jerrye Sumrall on Amazon: “Phyllis Zimbler Miller captures the reader's attention again with CIA Fall Guy. Her blending of historical settings, interesting characters, intrigue and mystery, coupled with the CIA and double agents, along with a little romance, makes her book a fast-paced, must read.”

On Facebook I met the woman whose husband was the first on the scene after the bombing of the U.S. Army’s Frankfurt Officers Club.  He was a young enlisted man at a night school class when the bombing occurred.  Mary and I have now become online friends.

And on February 20th Venture Galleries announced that the cover of CIA FALL GUY, created by Yael K. Miller, won its contest for best cover design for a spy thriller.

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