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Hidden Under Her Heart : Free eBook for Kindle and Nook

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Editor's Note: This book deals with a tough topic, but it's also an important one for everyone to face. Between the tough challenges, the author wove in a sweet and tender romance that makes for an uplifting ending. 
This book was wonderfully thought-provoking and definitely an emotional roller-coaster.

Book Description: Maryanne Torres is a compassionate nurse who fails at relationships. When she is raped at a party and the new man in her life becomes the prime suspect, Maryanne must clear his name and make a life changing decision.
Author's Inspiration: Melisa Hamling, author of Twenty Weeks and Matt Patterson, author of My Emily inspired me to write this book. Melisa, for being courageous enough to tackle the subject of teen pregnancy and abortion. Matt, for encouraging me to turn my grief over my son Ross into a positive testament to his life. This book is dedicated to him and all the infants who passed on before their time. My book will inspire and comfort parents who have lost their pre-born children. Their lives, no matter how short, will have meaning.
Actor who would play the Main Character: Vanessa Hudgens
From the Book: She crossed to the dresser and stared in the mirror. Two minutes. It had been her fault. She should have stayed home that night. You, she pointed to her image, don’t need a man. You have to stand on your own before standing next to someone.
She passed the bathroom door. One minute. Why did Lucas have to declare his love and make this harder? Hugging herself, she leaned against the wall and counted to sixty.
Time was up. She marched into the bathroom and picked up the stick. Two angry pink lines pointed accusatory fingers at her. She threw it into the wastebasket and sank to her knees.
Pregnant. It was still early.
She had options.
This book is free 3/5-3/7.
Rachelle Ayala
Rachelle lives with her husband in california. She has a nonstop imagination and loves drama. While her real life is calm and satisfying, she puts her characters through pain and torture while dangling the promise of a love so rich it is worth risking all for.
"I love challenging plots and crossing boundaries. You'll find characters striving for victory while overcoming physical and emotional obstacles. I sprinkle humor here and there, and of course there is romance and the sweet hope of forgiveness and love ever after."
MY FAVORITE FOOD: I love all kinds of food and mix it all up in my cooking: soy sauce with chili powder, lemon grass and oregano, ketchup and fish sauce, turmeric and sage. So you might just call it international or fusion creative cuisine.
WHERE I WRITE: My favorite place to write is on my laptop wherever I happen to be.
WHAT I LISTEN TO: I don't usually listen to music, but my tastes range from classical violin to salsa to bluegrass to Bollywood to rap and hip hop. My playlists are similarly fused from around the world. I think it all goes back to living in the International Living Center while in college. I've lived within multi-ethnic communities all my live and delight in sharing the food, traditions, music and emotions of the people around me.
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