Wednesday, May 1, 2013

#NewRelease FLY AWAY by Jennifer Donohoe #fantasy

Author: Jennifer Donohoe
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Release Date: April 17, 2013

Synopsis: Robin Sullivan is given a magical book where she can experience a better life in a new world called Tearmann. She can finally escape the terrible reality of life with an abusive, alcoholic father, her mother's schizophrenia, and her best friend's Leukemia. Robin must choose between deserting her real life or living in a world promising a better one. Events come into play forcing Robin to make a decision. Will she be able to save those she loves and still save herself?

Note from the author concerning Fly Away: Fly Away is the mixture of Dante's Inferno meets The Neverending Story. Robin is a normal teen raised in an unpredictable situation which catapults into a lesson of facing your demons and not running away, or this case flying away. I hope you enjoy the story.

About The Author: Jennifer Donohoe grew up in Northeast Ohio until she moved away at the age of 23 to the panhandle of Florida. She stayed there for 14 years and after completing her masters degree at Troy University for Mental Health Counseling she moved back home to her beloved state of Ohio where she now works as a Clinical Therapist with Felony Juvenile Offenders.

Her passion for never wanting a life to be wasted has amassed itself into her writing. Writing Fantasy has allowed Ms. Donohoe to add elements of morals, values, and taking responsibility for ones choices into her stories. Her other love is photography where she uses the photos as a means of helping describe certain scenes or as inspirations for a story itself.

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Twitter: @donohoejennifer

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  1. Hmm...I like the sound of the magical book of escapes. Definitely sounds like one that deals with some heavier topics though. Interesting. Thanks for the heads up!