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#BookReview Recent Reviews of HIDDEN UNDER HER HEART #ya #pregnancy


Blurb: Maryanne Torres swears off sex to land a marrying man. But an unexpected pregnancy and a dark secret threaten her chance for true love.

Editorial Reviews:
This is a wonderful love story between Maryanne and Lucas. They have so much pain between them that I do believe that they were truly were meant to be. They were each others healing stars. - My Thoughts for Thought

I also loved that Ayala made Lucas a very lovable man of color (half black, half white).  Honestly, I'm OVER the whole bad boy thing...  It's nice to have a wholesome man who we can love! - Sandling All Day

The hero, Lucas, was my favorite. He started off great and he had me rolling! He's upbeat and hilarious at opportune times, but straight forward and serious, letting his voice shine when it all boils down to his 
compassion for life. - Finding Forever in Romance

you become a character in her book. You live the adventure, the romance, the thrill, the mystery. Putting the book down is literally impossible until you've finished it, because it becomes your life. - Mom's Thumb Reviews

The book takes you on a journey through a new romance plagued with unfortunate circumstances,   It tears at your heart, and manages to also lift you up. - Domesticated Breakdown

The issue is covered from both sides of the table regarding abortion and I thank the author for that. There are a lot of one sided novels out there, that do not touch on the real emotion that a woman is feeling when trying to make this decision and fighting with herself from the inside. - Manic Mama of 2

Hidden Under Her Heart is an intense, roller coaster ride that invites us to experience romance, suspense, and human emotion. The twists and turns that Ayala introduces will keep you on the edge of your seat and you won’t 
be able to stop yourself from having feelings for the characters and their life experiences. As I read I laughed, I cried, and I found that there were moments where I could barely breathe. - Griffin's Honey

This book is a book about choices. The choices we make, and those made for us. - Thoughts of a Mother, Wife, and Daughter

Best described as an emotional, fast-paced rollercoaster ride that is sure to grip and tear hearts of all who read it. - Hearts and Hands More Than Full

Available at Amazon (kindle) (US, UK, CAN and more), Barnes & Noble (Nook), Kobo, Smashwords, Diesel, Ganxy, WHSmith (UK)

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