Wednesday, October 16, 2013

#BookChat SAVE THE CAKE by Stella Torres #ChickLit #Pinay #filipino

Book Description:
Eloisa Carreon, a 28 year old cake artist, works at her family bakery. She yearns for the independence she had while living abroad, but her cautious parents and over-protective brother monitor her every move. When she is tasked to create a masterpiece for a high society wedding, Eloisa meets handsome videographer Sean Alvarez, a cousin of the bride. They discover a shared worldly outlook on life and a mutual desire to escape the excesses of the nuptials. The attraction between them is undeniable, yet Eloisa is weighed down by family expectations and emotional baggage from the past. She must decide if she should take the risk and follow her heart, before she loses her mind. And when better to do it than during the year's biggest wedding?

From the Author:
I started writing this novella during a long break from school. Originally I had planned this as a satire of upper-class weddings in the Philippines, but as I went along I started falling in love with the characters and the way they have established their own identities while living in Manila. Food became a prevailing theme: Eloisa meets Sean for the first time when he buys empanadas from their store, and their courtship evolves through cake deliveries, dinner parties, and snack breaks. Then there's the family element, which is practically inescapable since their relatives seem to have their own opinion on how they should proceed with this relationship. In the end, I want my readers to know that love and hope can bloom even in the face of cynicism.

Something Different:
I've had a few people comment on Sean's name, since it does seem peculiar for a Filipino with Hispanic blood to have a Gaelic first name. The early drafts had him explaining that it's short for Sebastian - emphasis on "Sebas-chan," which is how most Filipinos pronounce it - but eventually I decided that Sean should have a mouthful of a Spanish name: Juan Sebastian Alvarez y Verdadero. No wonder he would insist on shortening his name to something pronounceable!
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