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#BookChat EQUINOX by Heena Jadav #Pakistani #Author of Romantic Fantasy Fiction

Equinox Equinox Synopsis
"As long as you breathe so shall I, princess if I am not found in you I do not exist. I'm lost in you bad ..."

'Equinox' engulfs the readers into getting acquainted with an orphan, teenage girl, April who is raised in a Convent School. It would not be long till she discovers the reality of the shadow that has been following her most of her life; in a combination of heartbreak, sorrow, love and friendship, fates would be decided and lives unraveled ...

When April came to her new orphanage-Rupert House, she was already being followed by a dark shadow, her cravings for chocolates had also heretofore augmented, she could feel his presence everywhere near her, and with a heavy heart she was certain that she will never again get to see the boy she had seen only once on her fifteenth birthday. And who had since then never absconded her thoughts.

Smacked with his tempting ruggedness and a magnetic dynamism, the young plutocrat Richard Chase seems only a dream that never comes true. Richard’s intimacy fetched desires, which April never thought existed inside her. She began believing in fairy-tales-until the night Richard dumps her….

Wavering between shock and torment, due to the nakedness of her feelings before Richard, April falls into the realm of vacuity. But, with every passing moment Richard’s presence becomes so robust that he begins breathing inside her, blazing her from within. As long as she gets to see him she believes she shall survive.….Yet he shatters her to bits….

 Will April’s love surpass Richard’s sudden incivility towards her? Will she get to unveil the spectral side to Richard, ever? And, when she does will she be able to accept his irrefutable love for her? Will their love still excel amidst the deliria of qualms?

Equinox, when the precession of stars, rigidly bottled the lives of two conflicted beings, destining them to indivisibility-there was no way for them to dart rearward, but to accept the celestial decree of kismet as it came…

Equinox Excerpt

 What the hell just happened? Holding my head down I quickly climbed
down the stairs and pushed my feet across the colossal foyer towards
the corridors that led to my dorm. At the curve of the corridor I marched
towards an arched column and leaned against it breathing heavily. I
needed a moment to breathe. To relax my chaotic heart beats. Resting
my palms over my knees I bent, heaving heavily. If this weirdness
continued I knew I’d be seeing a shrink sooner than I expected. Oh
god, seriously, will I have to see a shrink now?

My dorm sharer was already snoring and roofed under her quilt.
There was a dim light in the room and a ghostly silence that racked the
whole house, with just few ushered foot-steps faintly trouncing against
the wooden floorboards, in the other dorms. Lying on my bed, I gazed
at the shadows of trees materializing into different shapes up on the
ceiling, owing to the haulage of winds outside.  My mind was freaking
out with confusion. I couldn’t bring myself to believe that it was just
nothing and that I was just

I gazed through the window; a deathly dark coating smeared the
skylines. All of a sudden an odd hissing cold broke in, unlocking the
window and shattering it against the red bricked wall outside. A stealthy
movement of a long shadow upon the ceiling pulled my twines into
attention.  With chattering teeth I got out of the bed and moved towards
the desk. My fingers hunted for the edge of the window, and I sharply
air tightened it. As I turned around to go back to my bed, I felt soft
fingers slither inside my hair, terror rolled down my spine, and my feet
cemented on spot, with fright. I closed my eyes instantly.

Heaved amid a tight grip I was lifted in his arms and gently laid on
my bed. This had never happened to me ever! His gorgeous smell was
a killer. I shut my eyes tight, trying to shoo away this dream. Like it

“Sleep love,” his soft voice ruffled in my ears. All of a sudden
dimness lapped before my eyes, the dark night outside no more clear.

Fear dimmed out and was replaced by I don’t know what, but I felt as
if I belonged here. Right here in his arms, whatever it was I couldn’t
feel terrorized anymore. I sighed, and saluted amnesia.

Author Bio

I’m a mother, a wife, a sister, no more a daughter, a friend (I suppose, I hope I’m), a counsellor and an English Language Development Facilitator. Yet, I have survived being me. Because I’m also a Sophian, I’m also a girl, a woman, and above all a warrior. I think if I stopped writing and if my imaginations ceased from going wild, I’ll seize eternal abyss. I'm a Bachelors in Commerce and Bachelors in Business Administration-and these are the only two invalids in my valid quest.
H.M Jadav (A.K.A Heena Sunil)

Heena Jadav is the first Pakistani author to have written a romantic fantasy fiction novel, titled, 'Equinox'.


Here are a few encouraging words from the editor, Jim Blackburn:


The most famous lovers are recognizable by one name only: Romeo & Juliet, Abélard &Héloïse, Edward & Bella, and Bonnie & Clyde to name just a few. Author Hina Jadav introduces us to April & Richard in Equinox, the first book in the Equinox trilogy.

April must make her way through a Catholic boarding school in the picturesque, yet haunting English countryside. Her world is one where reality and fantasy intermingle, a world that centers upon her true love, Richard. But, all is not what it seems for these young lovers and their shared fate, like all the famous couples mentioned above who were drawn together by an uncontrollable pull of the heart, April & Richard must face trials and tribulations in the name of love. Emotions run high, and passion is in a constant struggle to be contained. Jadav opens the door to an exciting new world with Equinox, inhabited with a dramatic and fantastic story of love.
Jim Blackburn
Jim Blackburn is an author, freelance journalist, and editor living in the Hudson ValleyShokan, NY. Book Reviews. Editor of SJU @

Soon will be available on Kindle.

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