Tuesday, January 28, 2014

One Week Update on Writing a Sexy Story in a month #amwriting

I got a beautiful feeling about writing my sexy story in a month. It might even turn into a series!

First of all, I must say I enjoy the group writing project. Knowing that more than twenty other writers are also working on their steamy reads is motivation to keep the conversation going by keeping the words flowing.

Follow the conversation on Twitter with the #buqosteamyreads hashtag. Admittedly, I have to use translate.google.com since my dialect is English, but it's all good fun.

Now, for the story. 
Title: Taming Romeo
Heroine: Evie Sanchez, medical student on temporary leave of absence
Hero: Romeo Garcia, Filipino soap opera actor on location in San Diego for three weeks
Primary Setting: Evie's family's Filipino restaurant
Trope: The One Who Got Away

Evie and Romeo have a history, one they kept secret from their families, except for Evie's older sister, Choco. They run into each other at the restaurant and naturally, sparks fly.

Here's my progress:
Jan 20 #buqosteamyreads 1000 words. My heroine's checking out sexy bad boy Romeo Garcia while hiding her eyes under an old man's golf cap.

Jan 21 #buqosteamyreads 3000 words. My heroine waitresses at her parents' restaurant and was found hiding in the dumpster by the hero.

Jan 21 #buqosteamyreads going to bed now. 5000 words. Hero is about to run my heroine off the road with his motorcycle.

Jan 22 #buqosteamyreads up early 5:00 AM because my heroine woke me up with more scene ideas. #amwriting kissing today

Jan 22 #buqosteamyreads at 6000 words - kissing scene.

Jan 22 #buqosteamyreads Don't know how steamy going to the UC San Diego library will be. at 8300 words.

Jan 23 #buqosteamyreads She got kissed by another guy at the library? Ahhh! at 9800 words.

Jan 24 #buqosteamyreads 11500 words - vegan pulled pork?

Jan 25 #buqosteamyreads 13000 words. Getting hotter. She's at his apartment.

Jan 25 14224 words -  needing a smoke.

Jan 25 goodness, they're going a second round. will post wordcount later

Jan 25 15280 words, can't find words for that experience. whew!

Jan 25 #buqosteamyreads The Walk of Shame - at 16,200 words

Jan 26 #buqosteamyreads 19400 words - first big fight

Jan 27 #buqosteamyreads 23400 words - Hero is knocked out by a plate of lechon kawali and receives a make up kiss from heroine

Each day is a new beginning and a new discovery because I don't know what happens next. Romeo and Evie never fail to surprise me and I don't know what the final word count will be. The initial project was 5000 words, but as you can see, I've gone way past that now.

I'm having so much fun, I might offer an online #romanceinamonth class over Google Hangout. Anyone interested?


  1. Sounds like you are having lots of fun!! I'd be interested :-)

    1. Great. Let me line up our release schedules. How about we start it right after releasing Whole Latte Love and L&R? I'll gather up some peeps and go for it.