Monday, February 3, 2014

Sexy Story in a Month finished in Two Weeks #amwriting

My steamy story in a month project is finished! Two weeks ago, I took the challenge from Mina Esguerra's #buqosteamyreads class to write a complete story in a month. The only requirements were that it had to be 5000 words or more, adhere to one of the romance tropes (assigned) and commit to a STEAM level (I chose 3).

Little did I know when I started the story that I would overshoot the 5000 words ten times. The story exploded out of the gate and each time I tried to rein it in, my hero and heroine had other ideas. They joked, fought, made love, and deepened their understanding of each other, so at the end, my 5000 word story turned into a 53000 word novel.

To be sure, it was a whirlwind romance, both for me and my characters. Fifteen days of concentrated writing with a group of authors all around the world shooting for the same goal. I wasn't the first one finished, but it was not a race. It was fun, and I will continue to cheer the others as they get to their goals and finish their stories.

Title: Taming Romeo
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heroine: Evie Sanchez, medical student on temporary leave of absence
Hero: Romeo Garcia, Filipino soap opera actor on location in San Diego for three weeks
Primary Setting: Evie's family's Filipino restaurant
Trope: The One Who Got Away

Here is my second week progress:

Jan 28 #buqosteamyreads 29600 words - heroine signs a contract do do a lap dance on a motorcycle

Jan 29 #buqosteamyreads 32900 words, on their way to a studio to film naughty scene

Jan 30 #buqosteamyreads 36100 words - that was one hot ride, glad they didn't crash.

Jan 31 #buqosteamyreads 39700 words - that has got to be the longest tease before cutting to black. Think my readers will hate me.

Feb 1 #buqosteamyreads 44500 words - my lovers demand another love scene. Hot tub meditation.

Feb 2 #buqosteamyreads 47700 words - bad news at the benefit concert. the end is near.

Feb 3 #buqosteamyreads Taming Romeo - THE END! 52700 words in 2 weeks. Thanks Mina V. Esguerra for the inspiration to get going.

See One Week Update and Writing a Sexy Story in a Month [previous posts]

The biggest lesson I learned is to never say "You Can't" and to write every day. Each day is a new discovery and I never knew exactly which way the plot would turn. I'm going to try this project again in a few months, maybe recruit a few other writers to do with with me. Thanks to my writing besties for putting up with me and my daily updates.

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