Sunday, June 29, 2014

b00k r3vi3ws: #BookReview :: Knowing Vera (Chance for Love) by Rachelle Ayala

b00k r3vi3ws: #BookReview :: Knowing Vera (Chance for Love)One thing that is very consistent about Rachelle Ayala’s novels is her amazing story-telling capability. It reflects in each of her novels as she takes us on a journey with her protagonists who slowly capture our hearts. The way she builds up the mystery is quite good and she manages to maintain the air of curiosity so well that you will not be able to take a guess until she is ready to let you take a guess. Another aspect of Rachelle’s writing is the amazing balance that the author maintains between mystery and romance. Not one aspect gets outshined by the other and that is maintained in this novel too. (Read More)


  1. I am hoping to read this over vacation while hubby is off on his bike or playing on the beach. Great review.

  2. Thanks Aubrey, it's a great beach read. :) You'll see.