Friday, June 20, 2014

#NewRelease RAZOR'S EDGE by Racquel Reck #newadult #romance #rockstar

Escaping the evil man of her past...
With a tattoo gun, Shay Kelly tries to color a better future for herself and her son. When
her abusive ex is paroled this proves to be a difficult task. All her clients used to be his
and he's taking them back. But that's not the only thing he wants.

Screaming his way to the top...
No one can change the visions of Morgan Desario's past, or what he saw the night his
dad died. Marijuana helps the pain his singing can't numb. When his heavy metal band gets
signed, he's flying high. But fame and fortune does nothing to take away the humiliation he
faces every time he gets stuck in a memory.
When their morals slip and their sins collide...
They share the same lifestyle, but couldn't be more different. She's anti-drug and he's all
for smoking pot. A night of passion bonds them together, but their connection is strained when
their pasts are unleashed. On tour, Morgan's sins flourish. At home, Shay's morals bend. A
sharp line separates what's right and wrong that both are afraid to cross.

Will they be cut walking the Razor's Edge?

Rachelle's review: This is a hot romance full of passion, anguish, and pain. It's heartwarming but dangerous. There's nothing tame about Morgan and Shay, not their lifestyles, their past hurts, and their determination to protect the ones they love.

Block out some time, and arm yourself with tissues. This story will tear you up, raise your blood pressure, and have you shaking your fists. The Razor's Edge is a fine line between pleasure and pain.

Get it today! And come to Racquel's Release Party on Facebook. I will be hosting 8:00 pm Pacific time, 11:00 pm Eastern time. Chat with me for a chance on winning a copy of Taming Romeo: Sanchez Sisters #1

Be there!

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