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#NewRelease TILL YOU COME BACK TO ME by Chicki Brown #romance

Book Description:
Atlanta plastic surgeon Charles Stafford is giving up his successful practice to volunteer his services in Nigeria with a medical organization. Even though he’s excited about this major career move, he has no idea how much his life is about to change.

Nurse Adanna Okoro is one of the six medical professionals working at a small village hospital thirty minutes outside of Lagos, Nigeria. She loves her job and is devoted to the people she serves. When the hospital is notified that it has been chosen to host a team of foreign doctors, Adanna meets the man she has always dreamed of.  


Just as Charles got ready to respond, the front door opened and Quianna’s overgrown bodyguard ducked his head and lumbered through with her a few paces behind him. She wasn’t dressed to work out. In fact, she looked as though she was on her way to a club in a black mini dress that just barely covered her high, tight booty. She’d accessorized it with big silver earrings and a pair of thigh-high snakeskin boots cuffed at the top. Whatever he’d been getting ready to say to Marc flew right out of his head.
“Hello, Charles.” Her slight Caribbean accent made everything she said sound sexy. “I’m on my way to an event, but I thought I would take my chances and see if you were here.”
He stood and approached her. “I just got here about an hour ago. It’s good to see you, Quianna. You look…lovely.”
She gave a throaty giggle and tossed back the new long hair that cascaded over her thin shoulders. “Thank you. I was hoping you could accompany me tonight, since I don’t have an escort.”
Marc and Lance exchanged a glance and waited for his reply. “I’m sorry, Quianna. I have a meeting tonight. How about tomorrow night? Will you be in town?”
“Tomorrow night…” The singer, known worldwide for her theatrical sexiness, pursed her lips as though she had to give it some thought. “I was invited to another affair tomorrow, but you might enjoy it. I’ll pick you up at ten.”
Charles saw Marc smirk at her assertiveness. “What kind of affair is it?”
She smiled. “Just a party.” When she turned and walked toward the door, her protector rushed to precede her so he could check the parking lot. “Dress casual,” she said over her shoulder once she’d stepped outside.
The instant the door closed, Marc and Lance burst out laughing. “It’s just a pah-tee. Dress kah-shu-wal,” Marc imitated her. “That accent gets stronger when she’s flirting.”
“Okay, back off.”
“I’m just saying, man. If you want to be this week’s chew toy, it’s none of my business. Just remember what I told you,” Marc said, referring to his earlier protection warning.
Charles fixed his gaze on his brother and spoke in a clipped tone. “And remember what I told you.”
Marc shook his head. “Okay. We’re straight. I won’t mention it again.”

When Charles got back to the house, he shut the door to the guest room, now his bedroom, and rummaged through his still-packed suitcases for a pair of pajama bottoms. Suddenly realizing how tired he was from his full day, he decided to shower in the morning. After he removed his clothes and pulled back the covers on the bed, he slid under the sheet and blanket with his mind on his upcoming date with Quianna. Men all over the world would kill for an evening with the hip-hop princess, and she had extended the invitation to him. But after Marc’s warning, his outlook about her wasn’t the same. He had no reason to believe that evening would include sex, but the way she’d looked at him as though he were something to be devoured, gave him the feeling that was all Quianna was after. Whatever the evening brought at least he could say he’d been out with her.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my new release with your readers, Rachelle!

  2. Sounds like Charles is up for a good time. I hope he doesn't get more than he bargains for. I like the term; 'chew boy'. Definitely an excerpt full of promise.
    Best wishes, Chicki.