Monday, July 28, 2014

Michal's Window De-Sexed and on sale for 99c #romance

Are there set standards for sensuality and heat levels in romance novels?

I don't think so. What's too hot for some may be bland as butter for others. Case in point: My first novel, Michal's Window has been called porn by reviewers. [Check out the ONE-star reviews on Amazon], whereas my latest novel, Whole Latte Love wasn't "Hot" enough for an old cougar.

Michal's Window does not name body parts or depict the sex act, whereas Whole Latte Love definitely shows more than it tells. So, what's going on here? Audience.

Michal is a character from the Bible, the first wife of King David. While they most certainly had sex during Biblical times, and King David was a very sensual man with his many wives and adulterous affair with Bathsheba, readers of Michal's Window do not expect the characters to have sex. Instead, sex has to be implied.

So, given the reader feedback, I went through Michal's Window and removed any words that could cause consternation: "impaled", "arousal", "torrid", "tented bulge", and any scenes implying masturbation or oral sex. I paged through almost 500 pages and could not find any really graphic scenes. The closest one took place after Michal rolled herself naked into a rug and had herself delivered to David's room. He decides to give it to her real good. I simply deleted two paragraphs and implied that he gave it to her good. The de-sexed version has been uploaded to Amazon, where the complaints were. However, the original is available everywhere else [Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, etc.]

Meanwhile, Whole Latte Love is billed as a New Adult romance. It is full of sexual tension from page one. But there is a story there too, and Dylan and Carina are not acting like rabbits, but more like cat and mouse. They get close, then further, then closer, and are a real tease for the reader.

The cover is playful. Nothing too erotic, and most readers enjoy the game playing and teasing interplay between the two.

What would happen if a Michal's Window reader accidentally picked up Whole Latte Love? Or my latest, Played by Love?

Perhaps my writing is getting hotter and hotter. Because seriously, I'm not affected by any of the scenes I either read or write. My latest novella, Playing the Rookie, has 3-1/2 sex scenes, 2 make out scenes, 1 self-pleasure scene (almost), bungee jumping, a BFF and a b*tchy ex-fiancee, all packed in 20,000 words. [This novella won't be released until later this year. Sorry to make you wait!]

Anywho... Michal's Window is now on sale at Amazon for 99c. Only Amazon has the de-sexed version. Ebook at:  Amazon US INDIA UK DE FR ES IT Japan Canada Brazil Mexico Australia

The original is also on sale for 99c from Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other online retailers. Pick yourself a copy today and see what all the hoo-ha is about. And if you want something sexier, I have plenty of heat for you in my other books.


  1. I wonder if people assume that a Biblically-based story would not have sex in it. Even though, I'm sure we all know there was sex in Biblical times. Obviously...or we wouldn't be here, right!?! For me it has more to do with what I am expecting when I start a book.

    1. Hi Rabia, that's true. Too much or not enough depends on the individual. There's a lot of prophecy in this book, but so far, not many have spotted it. I give away a big hint in the author's note about why Michal is the way she is. Anyway, thanks for commenting and I hope you enjoy the story. There's a lot more than meets the eye in there.